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Av Speed 39 mph

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Tuesday, 12 Aug 2014, 11:10
From E-Learning IV

Fig. 1 M25 traffic - on a good day

This was for a 135 mile journey, mostly M23, M25 and M40. I've done worse : 27 mph the same journey. Sometimes you wonder whether to take the car out or not. Crawling around the M25 has become my recurring nightmare : you've got to plan for lengthy delays with a tank of fuel, water and grub. At least I had our teenage son with me so I got to hear and ask about a substantial part of his iTunes playlist. And an automatic - a few years of stop starting in jams made me a convert. I'll have a self-driving car please then climb in the back to sleep, read, watch a movie or go online.

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I've too often found myself with a long commute, of necessity by car when living in the middle of nowhere. For a time the M25 opened up access to all kinds of places - running back and forth between 6/7 junctions gave me more options - that reliable access is still there, you just have to double the time you give for a journey and STILL risk missing an appointment entirely if you get stuck for a few hours sad