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Beware of Phishing ...

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Friday, 15 Aug 2014, 12:33

You'd think I'd be more savvy. Recently I've had an authentic looking email and webpage link from the Inland Revenue suggesting I had a small tax rebate ... only on clicking on links from this that looped back to the same page did I realise something fishy was going on. The recent scam of emails from 'me' came about as I succumbed to what appeared to be an email from AOL saying the storage on my account had reached capacity - plausible having had an AOL account since they took over Compuserve in 1996. WRONG! This was the breach which has seen several hundred emails going to my contact list. AOL have now blocked this. If in doubt phone or text me and judge for yourself. Asking some question like, 'what did we call strawberry sauce on an ice-cream in Beadnell in the 1960s might do it!!'

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Bren P

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I never open emails that I am not expecting. If its from someone I know, I email them & ask if they sent it.

One 'major' issue is that some people constantly forward on jokes etc. If I see FWD I just delete them without opening. I may be a party pooper, but I'm generally free of viruses. I just wish hubby was the same.....

Design Museum

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I am usually the same. I just got caught out by the plausibility of this one. I hope noone ended up sending money to the 'me' supposedly stranded in Kiev. What would I be doing there? I am rarely more than an hour away from the sea!