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The stench of failure is soon covered by the smell of success

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Fig.1 Education and qualifications. The fun of it. True or False? 

I paraphrase, no doubt from someone else paraphrasing, but it was said in relation to the results our children picked up last week and are getting today. I'm a parent in the camp of having one of each. We want them to do well, we want them to move on from. 

Results are always relevant to context and so often scrambled by personal circumstances; where you are 'at', family life, health, maturity and so on. 

The worst advice I got age 12 or 13 was to keep my options broad; I became a magpie, rather than a specialist. Whilst it is hard to expect a young person to know what it is they want to do, once they know it is this focus, having a goal, that motivates them to do well.

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Zara Wilson

A simple response to a fabulous blog.

This post caught my attention. It is very well written, and what's more, I can completely relate to it. Which counts as at least one positive thing happening today.

It seems that after having scanned your entire blog, (in particular, your external blog) you have inspired me to continue with my own blog during the time of my next OU course, which is due to start in October -So thank you for that!

You write very well and I look forward to reading your future posts.