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No coffee for 36 hours

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Sunday, 14 Sep 2014, 08:40
From 2BlogI

Fig.1. My kind of coffee - in a mug with a punch

Usually any effort to quit coffee ends within an hour; not counting being ill. I am going around in a fug, slept fou four hours during the day today. This can take nine days I have read. 

Had to have a coffee. I cannot spend another day like a Zombie. This might sound like an alcoholic coming off the wagon. ONE mug of coffee with breakfast; my planned quota for the day.

I must have been drinking coffee by the mug, and during A' Levels by the pint mug, since my teens. Of late, the last decade, the quantities have become absurd, frighteningly so with an early energy drink in 2001 if I recall - a real mood changer. And no unusual to have more like six mugs of espresso strength coffee by mid-morning. 

I had a problem

Some more neat coffee mug ideas

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