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I know there's an OU library, and I can recommend Google Scholar too ... but there is a fallback position that works when these have failed. Believe it or not, Amazon.

Going on nothing more than 'Quoted in Mountcastle, 'On the Move' I track down the author John W Mountcastle and various books of his, including this one, on Amazon. I don't need to buy it, just reference it correctly unlike the author where I first found him.

A module could be written entirely around a set of books, ideally eBooks, available on Amazon. A canny college might prepurchase a dozen such books and preload them onto something like a Kindle 'Paperwhite' and give them to students. I'd buy it; the idea at least.

The University of Northumbria preloaded all the books for First Year Law Students course onto an iPad which they gave to students back in 2011.


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Oliver Thomas

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No need for use of an e-reader even (after all that costs and can be lost/stolen). All you need is a library browsing interface over which the student can peruse the book(s) of interest. Controlling the e-book usage is quite an interesting area and it seems one business model is to not 'loan' out an e-book bought by an institute (i.e. an e-copy is not transferred to a local repository - the loanee's device, whatever that may be) but rather link to it at a third party that maintains an account with the loanee's institution. That way downloading/printing individual pages that are must have can be charged to the institute's account (I encountered this recently). Makes you wonder if we're headed paper free. Personally speaking, I can now count on one hand how many pages I print off at work a year since we were bought out by a larger company with a keen interest in developing the IT side of things. It was hard to train myself, but I am getting there.

Oliver Thomas

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By browsing interface, I am implying something like an internet browser.