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Scotland says no

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What a let down!  My most sincere condolences to all in the 'Yes' camp, i really hoped you would win. It's really ironic, the 'no' vote was for the status quo but because of the vote, things are going to change anyway!!!  All you 'no's' should just have voted yes......

Things will change for Scotland and the rest of us but i think the real losers here are going to be the working class in England, the possibility of Tory rule forever in England is just too depressing to contemplate, you have my sincerest sympathy!  Say goodbye to the NHS if the Tories get in again!

Good luck to Alex Salmond, he did a great job, sorry he didn't get the result, but i bet there are many today who voted no and now regret it.  Imagine that, you voted AGAINST your own country, that is something you have to live with!


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I did write quite a long reply to this, however I decided the main point I want to argue with you is that, the No voters did not vote AGAINST their country, they voted FOR the UK.

They aren't mutually exclusive.

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Voting no was never a vote against people's own country - but a vote for the direction in which they wanted the country to go. 

Many in Scotland do not believe in separation, because they are aware it can be a road that doesn't necessarily end. The Highlands are significantly different to the Central belt and lowlanders. The Orkney and Shetland islanders are different, with far more Viking connections. The nearest railway station to Lerwick is actually Bergen in Norway. 

There was an underlying question here as to, "What is Scotland"? Is it the native Gaelic Speakers? Is it the north east Viking Scots? Is it the Celtic west? Or perhaps its a beautiful country which can work with others to make a more prosperous future?

What is far more sad to me is the vitriol which was expended both last night, and in the last weeks of the campaign. That rarely got shown outside of Scotland. What's needed now, is peace and resolution.


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Sorry folks but i have to disagree.  The question on the ballot sheet asked 'Should Scotland be an independent country?'  Yes or no.  So, a no vote, was against independence for Scotland.  Arguing however isn't going to change the outcome but change is coming anyway.