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I was out for dinner on Friday night with a group of friends and the conversation moved to the ongoing gay/trans rights debate. One of the people at the table mentioned that they have teenagers and are getting hit with all sorts on this and did not know how to respond, they also remarked that one of their sons is gay. I asked the question, what rights do they not have that you and I have and outlined that, in law, they have exactly the same rights as everyone else. They have the right to marry, work, own property etc. and that if they were being denied any of those rights because of their sexual preferences then they might be able to make a case but otherwise they couldn’t and it was a non-issue.

They said their son had been taken into the office by the school principal and spoken to about his ‘gayness’ (I don’t have the full details on this or why it was brought up as an issue) and they remarked that ‘he has the right to be accepted for who he is’. I said no, he didn’t. I said you cannot legislate for people’s personal beliefs and/or prejudices. It doesn’t matter whether or not you agree with them. If he has the right to be accepted for who he is, then the principal has the same right, and also has the right to not accept someone’s sexual preferences, if it clashes with his personal religious/moral beliefs. (It’s a strong ‘Christian’ school) If the principal was denying him an education because of it, then they could make a case for discrimination but this was not the issue.

Afterwards I was thinking about this and thought why is this even an issue for the school unless someone wanted to make it an issue? School is there to provide a child with an education, it is not there to acknowledge or indulge someone’s preferences in a partner.

Also, going back to the transgender issue, the ‘I don’t feel like a man/woman…’ etc. I was thinking about this again too and wondered – How do you know what it feels like to be a man or woman unless you had the experience of feeling both? If you say you don’t feel like a ‘man’ then you must have had the experience of ‘feeling like a man’ at some point. You must also have had the experience of ‘feeling like a woman’ in order to be able to differentiate between the two. What is the difference, do men and women not have the same feelings and emotional range? Are women more emotional or is that just a myth? Some people have very shallow feelings, others feel things on a deeper level, does this correlate with biological differences? What difference does testosterone or oestrogen make to someone’s feelings?

From experience, I know that fluctuations in hormone levels can play havoc with your physical and mental well-being, women are only too aware of the misery periods and menopause can inflict but none of these states are permanent and eventually level off or fade away. Without being facetious I, for one, would like to know.

I’ve also been reading An Emotional Education by Alain du Botton/School of Life and he makes the point that we are still living under the influence of the Romantics where our feelings are believed to override all other concerns. He believes this is a mistake as feelings can be wrong, something I’m sure we all know from experience. He believes we put too much emphasis on our feelings and not enough on reason and logic, like the philosophers of classical antiquity. He doesn’t necessarily say that our feelings are always wrong, or that they should be disregarded, but that they should always be balanced against reality and practicality. So before we go rushing off on impulse to quit our jobs and join the circus, or whatever your wont may be, it would probably be best to sit down and give it some thought first.

We all have the same rights in law, and the law doesn’t legislate for feelings. In this age of indulgent narcissism where everyone is so easily offended, the best thing that could happen would be for all those narcissists to get exactly what they want, to never be offended, to never be challenged, to always have everyone agree with them. Because if that happened, what you would find is that their lives and the world would stagnate, comedy would disappear and everyone would die of boredom, which is basically what is happening at present.

There does not need to be conflict but we as humans need challenge and sometimes conflict in order to grow and move forward. (Nothing like a good row, for clearing the air!) Some of sciences greatest breakthroughs happened because people did not agree with the beliefs of the era. If Galileo had not disagreed about the movement of the planets, would we still believe the earth was at the centre of the universe and everything moved around it? (Although there are many who still think they are the centre of the universe!) The very rights we have are because people disagreed with the status quo and took a stand against real injustices and inequality, like slavery, not because someone’s feelings were hurt or because someone didn’t use their ‘pronouns’ (aww, poor baby!). Unfortunately, this is what comes of the ‘everyone gets a medal’ generation who have been brought up to believe that their feelings should never be hurt or that they should not be offended.

If you want to live in a world where this happens then you may go and plug into the Metaverse and spend the rest of your existence in some digital version of Pleasantville where not only will you never be offended but where you will never grow up or evolve into someone who just might add something to the human experience or the lives of the people around you.

But if you are planning on living in the real world then you need to grow up and understand the basic reality that not everyone will agree with you and things will not always go your way, that’s life! If you find that someone doesn’t agree with you or offends you, then either come up with a better argument or use it to challenge yourself to find a way of managing your feelings in a world that doesn’t really give a damn - think of it as character building.

The sad reality at present, is that the world we thought we knew is falling apart around us and this focus on non-issues is a big part of the problem. While the weak and self-righteous are whining about their feelings and being offended, real issues of concern, like loss of freedom, totalitarian control, technological tyranny, medical fascism and war-mongering are not even being looked at and, in the not too distant future, we may wake up some morning to a cold hard reality and find it is too late to stop it - but sure as long as no one’s feelings are hurt!

With all its faults and failings, a world where you are free to argue, disagree and challenge ideas and authority still feels like a better option to me, than some fragile snowflakes utopian dream of eternal pleasantness where innovation, fun and adventure go to die. 

And talking about death, my father told me a joke one time (and I apologise in advance because I am useless when it comes to telling jokes) it was about a man who died and when he arrived in heaven was told he could have anything he wanted. So he asked for all the best food, drink and women, everything he ever wanted fast cars, holidays and indulged himself to the hilt. Over time he grew tired of it all and wondered what hell would be like as he couldn't take much more of the over indulgence and partying, so he asked if he could go and visit hell and give it the once over before he made a decision. However, he was told he didn't need to, he was already there. The choice is ours…




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The Fight Back Begins

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Since, I have still to date received no response to my email in January regarding the alleged 'offensive' posts that were removed under censorship, I have again requested a copy of the complaint and asked them to review the posts and provide a full and clear explanation as to what was offensive and why.

I don't expect a response too soon but will continue to chase this as is my 'right'.

And just to advise that the censorship is endemic these days, I thought I would share this story of an academic who was sacked for not endorsing the narrative but won her case.


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My work is now getting censored thanks to some whining snowflake so I will not be posting much more. I am going to be removing my work. I have already taken down most of my art so if there is anything you want to read you need to do it now as it will all be going in the next few weeks.

I will be putting up a final post at some point.

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Waiting on a Saviour

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I came across this recently and thought it was worth sharing and something to think about especially in the present times.

Hindus have been waiting for Kalki for 3,700 years.

Buddhists have been waiting for Maitreya for 2,600 years.

Jews have been waiting for the Messiah for 5,500 years.

Christians have been waiting for Jesus for 2,000 years.

Sunnah have been waiting for Prophet Issa for 1,400 years.

Muslims have been waiting for a Messiah from the line of Muhammad for 1,300 years.

Shiites have been waiting for the Mahdi for 1,080 years.

Druze have been waiting for Hamza Ibn Ali for 1,000 years.

Most embrace the idea of ​​a “saviour” and claim that the world will remain full of wickedness until this saviour comes and fills it with goodness and justice.

Our problem on this planet is that people are waiting for someone else to come and solve their problems, rather than doing it themselves.

— Imtiaz Mahmood

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Diet and Degeneration

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During a recent trawl of the local second-hand book market, my son brought home Why E=mc2 by Jeff Forshaw and Brian Cox. In the introduction it says ‘In science, there are no universal truths, just views of the world that have yet to be shown to be false’. That is certainly something to think about in relation to what we have been told in the last few years about climate change and covid, and that the ‘science is settled’! Someone should remind Brian Cox about this since he has now joined the climate crisis cult too.

The scientific method, where a hypothesis is formulated and through a process of observation and/or experimentation is shown to be correct or incorrect, has been the main basis for all scientific research and discovery for a few hundred years now. If a hypothesis is shown to be incorrect, it has to be reformulated and further observation and experimentation carried out until a conclusion is reached. If a hypothesis is correct, the same result should be achieved by following the same steps and/or methodology. This is what makes the difference between opinion and scientific fact. The whole purpose of science is to question everything but we seem to be moving towards a world where no one is allowed to question anything and we are just supposed to accept what we are being told as truth.

Within science, there are, and have been, major disagreements over many subjects; the movement of the earth in relation to the sun and its place in the universe, global warming and the cause of disease to name but a few. In relation to the cause of disease and illness, there is Germ Theory vs Terrain or Cell Theory. Germ Theory was championed by Louis Pasteur and is the model that has been adopted by the medical profession as the cause of illness. Germ theory believes that germs invading the body are the cause of disease.

Terrain or Cell theory was supported by Antoine Bechamp who believed that diseases are caused by microorganisms which multiply in the body and cause infections. Terrain or Cell Theory believes that illness and disease are mainly due to the individual’s state of internal health.  When, through bad diet and a sedentary lifestyle, the body become weak, the cells become damaged and diseased, the balance of microorganisms within the body is thrown out of balance causing illness.

It is estimated that there are between 30 – 700 trillion cells in the human body, about 37 trillion bacteria and fungi, and maybe ten times that in viruses.  Some scientists believe that what we call viruses are a natural part of the body’s own immune system, exosomes, which I wrote about before on the blog. They believe you cannot ‘catch’ a virus from someone else and when bugs appear to go around in the winter, it is merely the body’s own immune system clearing out old and diseased cells. It is also believed that one of the reasons we become ill more in the winter is due to a lack of vitamin D from reduced levels of sunshine. This can be supported by the lack of certain types of illness, Multiple Sclerosis, for example, that are present here but virtually non-existent in countries with high levels of sunshine.

The majority of patients who die in hospitals die from pneumonia. Pneumonia sets in when the body is in a weakened state and often kills the patient. Pneumonia can be viral or bacterial. Bacterial pneumonia can be treated with antibiotics but viral pneumonia cannot. The medical profession started a campaign a few year ago to reduce the amount of antibiotics being prescribed as their overuse was making them ineffective (even though they were doing the prescribing) and who, prior to the pandemic, would have told you when you brought your child in sick ‘It’s a virus, it’ll clear up on its own’.

However, regardless of whether you believe in catching viruses or not, one other factor that is being ignored in the debates about health, disease and illness is the role of diet and good nutrition.

I’ve just finished reading a book called Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A Price. The book was published back in the 1930’s and details studies done comparing the dental health of tribal/isolated communities eating traditional foods to those on modern diets. Weston was a dentist and wanted to find out the cause of tooth decay. His studies were conducted around the world from the outer islands of Scotland to the Inuit and Maori. He found that within a generation of adopting the western diet (white flour/sugar/processed food) crowded mouth and dental caries/tooth loss became endemic. Those communities who maintained their traditional eating habits also maintained their teeth, strong dental arches and overall good health. This would tend to support Terrain Theory that poor diet is a contributing factor to the cause of illness and disease. Dr Weston showed numerous examples of skulls from previous generations who had perfect dental arches and a full complement of teeth. He also concluded that the degeneracy of the dental health was reflected in a degeneracy in overall physical and mental health, a lowering of the IQ and a general downwards trend in both character and behaviour within society with increases in crime and mental illness.

‘How different the level of life and horizon of such souls from those in many places in the so-called civilised world in which people have degraded themselves until life has no interest in values that cannot be expressed in gold or pelf (money gained by dishonest or dishonourable means) which they would obtain even though the life of the person being cheated or robbed would thereby be crippled or blotted out.

One immediately wonders if there is not something in the life-giving vitamins and minerals of the food that builds not only great physical structures within which their souls reside but builds minds and hearts capable of a higher type of manhood in which the material values of life are made secondary to individual character’.

It would seem that food for the body is also food for the soul and when the body is given food that is not nutritionally adequate, it is not just the physicality of the person that is affected.

When Jamie Oliver was running his campaign to improve school dinners he said ‘Even while doing the show, we could see the benefits to children's health - we could see that asthmatic kids weren't having to use inhalers so often, for example. We could see that it made them calmer and therefore able to learn.'

This was further supported by a follow up study that was carried out - Between 2004 and 2008, Michele Belot, of Nuffield College at Oxford University, and Jonathan James of the Department for Economics at Essex University found there was on average a 6% improvement in the number of pupils reaching a high level in English tests in the schools surveyed where the healthy meals were eaten and an 8% improvement in science. There was a 2% increase in the number of children reaching the basic level of attainment in science and 3% in English and maths. In addition, the number of children marked as having authorised absences for sickness since 2004 showed a 14% decrease.

There has been a big change to our eating habits in the last 50 years with the addition of processed food to our diets and which seems to have accelerated since covid. I have seen in my own town the increase in fast food outlets and hot food and ready meals available for sale in the local shops. One of our local shops which was a butchery and bakery, has now stopped selling meat altogether. I know a couple of families who have never had a home cooked meal cooked from scratch, and another family who eat from one of the local chippies every day, and it shows.

When the government shut down the country for covid, they closed the gyms and stopped people going to forest parks and beaches but they kept the fast food outlets and off-licences open. If there was any real consideration for our health, they would have done the opposite.

In reading Price’s book, I considered my own diet. Because I am from Ireland, people sometimes assume that the potato is one of the fundamental foods in the traditional Irish diet but this is not so. The potato came from America and our traditional diet would have been similar to the isolated communities in the Scottish islands, with a reliance on oats and barley. Dairy also played a significant role and, as an island, salmon and other seafood would have been important for coastal communities. Pork would probably have been the primary meat eaten along with game like deer, pheasant and rabbit.

The collapse of the potato crop in the 1840’s, which halved the population of Ireland from 8 to 4 million, through a combination of starvation and emigration, might not have happened if the Irish had maintained their traditional diet. I cannot even begin to imagine the horror of what it must have been like in a country as small as Ireland for millions to have been left to starve to death.  However, the famine has had another long-term consequence that still reverberates today. The loss of nutrition from the famine and the traditional diet, combined with ongoing poverty and the introduction of processed food, has had a detrimental effect on the people of Ireland which explains why, as I have said many times before on the blog, there are no, or very few, ‘men’ in Ireland. These factors have reduced the ‘manliness’ of the population and this has been reproduced across the west where we have seen a decline in masculinity and a growing imbalance towards the feminine in society. In Weston’s book it was noted that in the Scottish Isles the average height of men went down by up to four inches within a generation of adopting a diet of white flour, sugar and processed food.

Advances in modern medicine were assumed to be responsible for improved health outcomes and longer life spans, however, in The Modern Rise of Population (1976), Thomas McKeown proposed that improved nutrition, clean water and better hygiene were the main factors responsible for reductions in illness and death from infectious disease. Mortality rates were falling before the introduction of vaccines as part of general health care. However, we seem to have reached a point now where, despite all our scientific and technical advances, our health is moving in reverse and illness in the general population has exploded with more than one in 3 adults suffering with at least 2 chronic health issues, and even rickets, which is due to a lack of vitamin D, making a comeback among children. This could have more serious long term impacts as MS is believed to be caused by a lack of vitamin D in childhood.

The National Health Service started with good intentions to provide basic universal health care for everyone but, sadly, the NHS is no longer about health, it is about medicine and medication. Even our local ‘health centre’ has changed its name to ‘medical practice’. For all the knowledge the medical profession have, they are trained in medicine not health and their medical training contains nothing about diet and nutrition which seems completely ridiculous even though Type 2 Diabetes is diet related and cases of which have sky-rocketed in the last 40 years. There were 2 million diabetics in the US in 1964 when the population was 194 million, and today there are over 37 million diabetics in a population of 330 million.

Increases in diabetes and obesity are correlated with increases in crime and a lowering of the IQ. Recorded crime increased by 5 per cent a year between 1915 and 1930; by 7 per cent between 1930 and 1948 (compared with a post-war annual growth rate of 10 per cent and more). It is no coincidence that poorer areas have higher levels of crime yet, when is improved nutrition ever considered as a solution to this.

In a Norwegian study of IQ scores from 1970 to 2009, showed that children born after 1975 were on average 7 IQ points lower per generation. This same pattern was also observed in British teenagers.

As Price noted, tribal communities did not have prisons or asylums prior to adopting the western diet.

Food manufacturers tried for many years to deny the link between diet and health and even now they say is it ‘complex’ issue despite the fact that the evidence is overwhelming that something is not right with our diets (the obesity crisis is definitely not caused by the weather). This state of affairs is not helped by the ever-changing ‘health’ advice from government and other vested interests. Every day it seems that for every study recommending a certain food or diet, there is another contradicting it. Even that statement ‘food manufacturers’ speak volumes. You do not ‘manufacture’ food you grow it or tend to it, at least until it is time to eat it.

When processed food came on the market it was packaged as time saving and convenient for working mothers. However, it has not turned out as well as was hoped and all our ideas of progress do not always turn out to be progressive. Like the birth control pill, which was hailed as another step towards personal freedom for women, it too has had a downside and is responsible for the increase in oestrogen in the environment. This has been shown to affect the testosterone levels in males and is responsible for an increase in female to male fish species in some areas by as much as 10 to 1.

There has been a decline in sperm counts in men across the world which have decreased by 52% since the 1970’s. While the increase in oestrogen is a factor, diet is also part of it and, in traditional communities, it was the practice to put young men and women on special diets prior to marriage to ensure healthy offspring. The ages between children were also restricted to ensure that the mother had fully recovered her health before another pregnancy which was why polygamy was practiced in some groups.

The increase of oestrogen in the environment is also believed to be a significant factor in the increasing numbers of breast cancer, which has more than doubled in the last 50 years.

Overall, there has also been a huge increase in other cancers. Global incidence of early-onset cancer increased by 79.1% and the number of early-onset cancer deaths increased by 27.7% between 1990 and 2019.

In looking for a way forward, it would do no harm to look backwards to what we ate before all this ‘progress’.  A return to whole foods, whole fat milk, butter and whole grain bread is a good starting point. This is demonstrated in Price’s book by the case of a young boy crippled with inflammatory rheumatism and arthritis who, after a year of having these foods introduced into his diet, had his health restored.

While no one in Ireland is starving to death now, I only have to look around me to see that many of us are still starved of nutrients with narrow faces, poor dental health and rampant illness. Poverty is a factor but some of the most nutritious food is also the cheapest, like oats, barley, mackerel, lentils and liver. Liver is £2.50/1lb in my local butchers and is one of the most nutritionally dense foods you could eat, high in the vitamins and minerals that are essential to good health. I know many people find the taste too strong but it can be mitigated by soaking in milk prior to cooking and goes well with bacon. Taste can be acquired if something is eaten enough times and the more you eat real whole foods the more you acquire a taste for them. I remember watching Jamie Oliver’s School Dinners and children who had been having meltdowns about the meal changes were happily eating the food within a couple of weeks.

Granted butter is more expensive than the congealed oil alternatives and while some people can’t believe it’s not butter, I’m not one of them. Sometimes choosing quality over quantity and paying a little extra can be more beneficial in the long run.

If there is a crisis for humanity to worry about it isn’t the climate or world war 3, it is that we are eating our way towards extinction. The nutritionally deficient western diet is toxic to the human body (and soul) and the social and dietary changes of the last 50 years are destroying the physical and mental health of society at large. The events of the last few years have put the worlds focus on health and whatever you believe about the cause of illness and disease, or its cure, the food we eat has to be an important factor in building and maintaining our health.

While it suits certain interests to have a population that is sick, tired and becoming dumber by the day, after all you can’t make money on health if the population is well fed, fit and healthy, it is to our own detriment that we continue on this road. Good nutrition is the foundation stone of good health and if you wouldn’t feed it to an animal then don’t eat it or feed it to your children.  Sadly, too many do not even consider their diet until serious illness appears and, by which time, it is usually too late to make a difference.

I personally believe that food is the first medicine and within the plant and animal life of our indigenous countries lies the nutrition we need to grow and thrive as humans. In building a defence against illness a good diet is a better place to start than the contents of a needle. And, as any good gardener will tell you, in order for plants to grow well they must be able to access the proper nutrients, in conditions that are favourable and suitable to their needs. The same can be said for us and, surely, it is the least we could do for our children to feed them wholesome nutritious food.

In view of the importance of good nutrition, the ongoing attacks on farming under the guise of ‘saving the planet’ appear rather insidious. Vegan diets do not provide the nutrition the human body needs in order to function well. It is also no surprise that the processed food industry is funding the body positivity movement which hails obesity as a healthy option. There is nothing healthy about obesity or morbid obesity and if there was one illness stretching the NHS to its limits it is type 2 diabetes.

While there is a certain degree of personal responsibility regarding diet and what we eat, sugar and carbs make the body/brain crave more sugar and carbs, which is why sugar is so difficult to give up. Sugar causes changes to the brain chemistry which ordinary food does not. You could give up broccoli tomorrow without any negative side effects or cravings.

It is also noteworthy that the authors concerns about the degeneration of society have played out exactly as feared. And for those who despair at how society appears to be declining rapidly, a return to eating home-cooked real food, rich in the proteins, fats and minerals we are starved of, may be the place to begin to arrest the decline and start to ‘build back better’. However, if we continue as we are, it is inevitable that the decline will continue and western society will collapse within a couple of generations, if not before.

There is one issue with the book that readers may find off-putting, and that is the language, which would not be considered politically correct today. However, while it is archaic at times, the outcomes and conclusions reached are sound.

Also, when the book was written in the 1930’s, Eugenics was being touted as a science, which allegedly proved the superiority of some ‘races’ over others. It is very positive in that it shows there is no evidence of this at all, and that many of the problems regarding illness, disease and birth defects can be traced back to poor nutrition and its outcomes, and nothing else.

 “Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against Nature. When enough sins accumulate, illnesses will suddenly appear.” —Hippocrates (460 - 370 BCE), Greek physician

‘Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of whom they know nothing’ Voltaire

“The specific disease doctrine is the grand refuge of weak, uncultured, unstable minds, such as now rule in the medical profession. There are no specific diseases; there are specific disease conditions.” —Florence Nightingale, OM RRC DStJ, statistician and the founder of modern nursing


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Gaza vs Israel = Oil & Gas

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Just came across this and thought it worth sharing.  My son had mentioned to me that he had watched a presentation that said Rishi Sunak's father in law bought the oil drilling rights for Gaza in May of this year. Don't know if that is true or not but this is worth a look.


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So What Was It All About - Covid

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So, what was it all about?

Was it about reducing the population of the world and ‘saving the planet’ by a group of self-appointed, globalists playing God, through an enforced vaccination programme that has wiped out millions?

Excess mortality is up across the globe but anyone even mentioning it is immediately denounced as a ‘conspiracy theorist’. Why is there such a deficit in testing vaccines, in comparison with medicines, and why has this been allowed for so long? Who is monitoring the vaccine products of pharmaceutical companies for contents and safety? And why are we (taxpayers) paying for pharmaceutical errors and injuries?  This has to change, we need accountability and transparency regarding all aspects of vaccination. They are still vaccinating people against diphtheria, does anyone in the world know anyone who ever had diphtheria?

Was it about creating patients for the pharmaceutical industry by leaving many who have been vaccinated with lifelong injuries and forever in need of medical care?

When my son started his biomedical degree the first thing the class was told was that pharmaceutical companies do not like cures because they can’t make money from healthy people.

Was it a purge of the elderly and sick, to save the government money in pensions and care costs?

Do Not Resuscitate Orders were put on anyone over the age of 45 who presented as an emergency to hospital and had underlying health problems at the start of the ‘pandemic’. There were 11 patients alone, in a care home in Cork, who all died within 2 weeks of being vaccinated. The vast majority of those had underlying conditions, did the vaccine accelerate their path to the grave as I believe it did to my mother and others?

Was it about resetting the world as a technological totalitarian state with AI monitoring all aspects of our life on a 24/7 basis and putting a one world government in place?

I have the book, The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab, which you can buy on Amazon. The Great Reset is predicated on the ‘climate crisis’, another fraud by the powers that be, as you will know from reading my blog. So just imagine if they succeed and everyone is chipped and under 24/7 surveillance, then what? What will the next move be and when is someone going to ask for our views on this?

One thing I have taken from the last few years, in spite of efforts to move our lives online, I have actually cut back from the internet and all news media. I just don’t listen to them anymore and I try and keep my internet use down to once a week. I also know that I cannot live my life online, it is not living and from what I see, using/over using social media makes people mentally ill. The other thing is that people forget that the internet is not the world. There have been several stories raging online recently and no one within the family or at work even mentioned them.   

Was it about an elite cabal (I don’t like using that word ‘elite’, they are not ‘elite’ they just have a lot of money with which they have been able to buy power, eg. Bill Gates) making a lot of money at the expense of our health and our freedom? Who is paying for the furlough, the vaccinations and all the propaganda? Us, the taxpayer as usual. Bill Gates gets a 20% return on his investments from vaccinations and Matt Hancock has a 15% share-holding in his family’s pharmaceutical company. Rishi Sunak’s wife is from one of the richest families in India and are involved in developing track and trace technology. But, of course, this was all just a wild coincidence and there is nothing to see here.

I look at what is going on in the world and see our leaders have taken Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin as their role models for leadership. Bullying, threats and fascist diktats are now the norm with no recourse to Parliament or the law, and where all opposition is being silenced and censored on a scale never seen before. Surely if everything the government and media were saying were true it would be self-evident and hold up under scrutiny. Why do they need to silence and censor those who disagree with them or dare to even ask a question? The treatment of Andrew Bridgen in Parliament has been appalling and shows that our ‘Parliamentary democracy’ is anything but.

The globalists want us to live a simpler more sustainable life but still keep buying their stuff? Can anyone else see the huge contradiction here?

There is a war being waged and it’s not in Yemen, Ukraine or Israel, it is happening every day against us with the constant barrage of lies and propaganda from the media and government. We are being gaslit every day and this didn’t start today, or even three years ago, it has been going on for decades, it is only now that we are able to see just how insidiously we have been lied to, manipulated and deceived.

When I look back over the political events of the last 70 years, I have concluded that the west was lost on 22 November 1963 when JFK was shot. That was the coup that removed the Commander in Chief. The military/industrial complex took over and has been running the world since, spreading their tentacles into governments everywhere and funding their nefarious activities with drugs, arms and war.


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Killers of the Flower Moon

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I went out yesterday evening to the local cinema to see Killers of the Flower Moon. The reviews I read were mixed, from overblown epic to brilliant, so I wanted to see for myself.

The story revolves around a series of killings of members of the Osage tribe back in the 1920’s after oil was discovered on their land. The main focus of the film is on the relationship between Molly (Lily Gladstone) and Ernest Burkhart (Di Caprio) and Molly’s family, several of whom were murdered. Molly was a full blood Osage and Ernest was a white man and nephew to William Hale (De Niro).

It was a long show and probably could have been shortened but not by much. Scorsese has captured the era very well, you are fully immersed in the story and get a rounded picture of just how rotten and corrupt the people were who were parasitically feeding off the Osage.

Overall, the film made a strange impression on me. The characters of Ernest and Hale, and others involved in the killings were, for me, the scum of the earth. While watching the film, and afterwards, I felt I needed a shower. They killed without conscience or any hint of remorse for the lives they took, all so that they could get their hands on the wealth, land and oil rights of the Osage. The attitude to the killings by those in authority would also make your blood boil and is summed up in this sentence from the film ‘you would have more chance of getting a conviction for kicking a dog than killing an Indian’. The idea that the ‘savage Indian’ was not worthy of the wealth and their lives unimportant, Manifest Destiny all over again. I think part of it too was that, being white, I felt shame at what my race has done to the Natives of Turtle Island and frustrated that this attitude still prevails among those who would rule over us (non-elites) today.

I also felt frustrated at the naivety of the Osage and the character of Molly in dealing with what was going on around them. After everything that had happened to the native tribes across America that they still trusted the ‘white man’.

The film changes tack towards the end with a radio presentation on the killings and jars garishly with the subject matter of the film. I think this was deliberate by Scorsese and a comment on present day society where tragedy is now a source of entertainment for the mass audience to be exploited by others with their own agendas. And it is hard not to draw parallels between William Hale and today’s billionaires, the dried up old coffin dodgers who run the world and corrupt it with their greed and lust for money. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. A plague on all their houses!

I would highly recommend seeing the film and look forward to reading the book by David Grann.

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The Waterboys

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I had the pleasure of seeing The Waterboys at the Millenium Forum in Derry last night. Appropriately, when I was leaving the house, a full moon greeted me when I opened the door, shining down in all its glory, so I took it as a good sign for the night ahead.

Halloween is a big deal over here and Derry revived the spectacle a few years ago so it is the go to place now for Halloween. Halloween is the old pagan festival of Samhain which was a time to remember the dead, and signified the beginning of winter and the end of Bealtaine. If you have never been, you should make an effort to come at least once. You won’t regret it.  (See links below)

The streets of Derry were buzzing as the celebrations had all kicked off on Saturday and, luckily, I got a parking space quite close to the theatre.

The show itself was brilliant, the band were electric and so were the crowd. A special mention for Brother Paul Brown on keyboards who absolutely rocked with infectious joy. Mike Scott is not just a song writer and singer but has the soul of a poet. In a past life, he was probably Aengus, a mythic God associated with youth, love, summer and poetic inspiration, from the land of Tir na N’og which translates as Land of the Young or Eternal Youth. WB Yeats also wrote a poem about him, Wandering Aengus.

The Waterboys has to be one of the best shows I’ve been to and I will certainly make an effort to see them again. They will be playing around Ireland this week and, if you get a chance, go see them but, if you can’t, they are headlining the Sign of the Times Festival next year in Hertfordshire, England from 5-7 July.


Ancient Samhain (Halloween) Celebration & Traditions In Ireland (yourirish.com)

Derry Halloween

Aengus Óg: The Irish God of Love (brehonacademy.org)

Tír Na nÓg - The legend of the land of eternal youth (irishcentral.com)

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For the Unvaccinated!

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I came across this at the weekend and thought it worth sharing.

French General Pays Tribute to the Unvaccinated: 'They Embody the Best of Humanity, They Are Superheroes'

October 7, 2022

French General Pays Tribute to the Unvaccinated: 'They Embody the Best of Humanity, They Are Superheroes' - RAIR (rairfoundation.com)


2 min read

In a powerful letter making waves across Europe, French General Christian Blanchon praised citizens who refused the experimental Covid “vaccines” injections. Despite years of pressure campaignsdiscriminatory policies, social exclusion, loss of incomethreats, and being blamed for other’s deaths, the General thanked the “unvaccinated” for their strength, courage, and leadership:

Even if I were fully vaccinated, I would admire the unvaccinated for standing up to the greatest pressure I have ever seen, including from spouses, parents, children, friends, colleagues, and doctors.

People who have been capable of such personality, courage, and such critical ability undoubtedly embody the best of humanity.

They are found everywhere, in all ages, levels of education, countries, and opinions.

They are of a particular kind; these are the soldiers that any army of light wishes to have in its ranks.

They are the parents that every child wishes to have and the children that every parent dreams of having.

They are beings above the average of their societies; they are the essence of the peoples who have built all cultures and conquered horizons.

They are there, by your side, they seem normal, but they are superheroes.

They did what others could not do; they were the tree that withstood the hurricane of insults, discrimination, and social exclusion.

And they did it because they thought they were alone and believed they were alone.

Excluded from their families’ Christmas tables, they have never seen anything so cruel. They lost their jobs, let their careers sink, and had no more money… but they didn’t care. They suffered immeasurable discrimination, denunciations, betrayals, and humiliation… but they continued.

Never before in humanity has there been such a casting; we now know who the resisters are on planet Earth.

Women, men, old, young, rich, poor, of all races and all religions, the unvaccinated, the chosen ones of the invisible ark, the only ones who managed to resist when everything fell apart. Collapsed.

You’ve passed an unimaginable test that many of the toughest marines, commandos, green berets, astronauts, and geniuses couldn’t pass.

You are made of the stuff of the greatest that ever lived, those heroes born among ordinary men who shine in the dark.”


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Mission Impossible/Evita

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I finally got around to seeing the new Mission Impossible film, Dead Reckoning Part 1. I had seen a few reviews which weren’t exactly glowing but since I’ve seen all the rest and love Tom Cruise, off I went. I have to say, I loved it, it was a clever thriller but you need to listen at the beginning or you’ll miss what it is all about. Full of twists and turns, and some great action scenes, I couldn’t find much fault with it at all, other than I was not starring alongside Tom. At 2 hours 40 minutes, while that may appear long, the time just flew by and I would have happily sat for another hour as I was enjoying it so much. I won’t give much away in case anyone hasn’t seen it, but I would definitely recommend it. I had thought the franchise might be showing signs of flagging at this stage but far from it and I’m really looking forward to part two. Bring it on!

I was in Belfast a couple of weeks ago to watch Evita by the Ulster Operatic Company in the Grand Opera House. We stayed overnight in Leonardo’s (formerly Jury’s) on Great Victoria Street, just next door. Beautiful hotel and central to everything. It was enjoyable enough but I think I have been spoiled after seeing Jersey Boys in London a few years ago. Jersey Boys was such a professional show it made Evita look like a school production with a couple of professionals in the main roles. The leads were excellent and I especially want to acknowledge David McCrossan as Everyman, and Karen Hawthorne as Eva Peron, both brilliant singers. Caroline McMichael played Evita as a young girl and has to be commended for her role as she is only 17 years old.

I loved all the music but I have a problem when it comes to furniture on stage and believe the less the better, they had a double bed and single bed on in consecutive scenes, one would have been enough. The full force of the person of Eva Peron wasn’t really captured for me. My daughter in law knew nothing about Eva Peron before the show and still didn’t know much afterwards. I also felt some of the casting wasn’t right, especially regarding Eva getting rid of Peron’s mistress. The girl in the role was, I thought, too young and pretty to give the poignancy needed for the song ‘Another Suitcase, Another Hall’.

I also hate moving large pieces of the set around, they moved one of the larger pieces to the front of the stage for a brief while, to what end I couldn’t figure. When it comes to staging, I prefer minimal sets and changes, and unnecessary movements of props. Everything on stage should have a clear purpose and if you can tell the story without it, then get rid of it. The other criticism was that the show ended quite abruptly; we all felt that it merited another chorus of ‘Oh, What a Circus’, at least, to bring things to a proper conclusion.

Just another recommendation if anyone is heading to Belfast for a weekend or overnight, The Red Panda on Great Victoria Street is well worth a visit, excellent Chinese/Asian food.

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Divide & Conquer

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Edited by Aideen Devine, Thursday, 12 Oct 2023, 09:35

Pick a side and let the hate begin…

Israel vs Palestine, Russia vs Ukraine, Ukraine vs Russia, US vs Russia, US vs Iran, US vs North Korea, US vs Libya, US vs Iraq, US vs Vietnam, Brexit vs EU, EU vs Europe, Christian vs Muslim, Muslim vs Jew, Christian vs Jew, Hindu vs Muslim, theist vs atheist, atheist vs Buddhist, God vs Satan, Nationalist vs Republican, Republican vs Democrat, Democrat vs Nationalist, Conservative vs Labour, Liberal vs Conservative, Liberal vs Labour, Liberal vs the world, Capitalism vs Socialism, Communism vs Capitalism, Socialism vs Communism, Communist vs Fascist, Clinton vs Trump, Biden vs Trump, Black vs White, Gay vs Straight, Men vs Women, Women vs Men, Transwomen vs Women, British vs Irish, Scottish vs English, Rangers vs Celtic, Catholic vs Protestant, Young vs Old, Criminal vs Police, Police vs People, Government vs People, Military industrial complex vs humanity, Upper class vs Middle class, Middle class vs Working class, Upper class vs Working class, Rich vs Poor, 1984 vs Utopia, vegetarian vs carnivore, vegetarian vs vegan, vegan vs carnivore, vaccinated vs unvaccinated, masked vs unmasked, freedom vs enslavement, City vs Country, night vs day, hot vs cold, sun vs moon, truth vs lies, spirituality vs materialism, right vs wrong, good vs evil, love vs hate; stand up, sit down, turn around, stay on the merry-go-round and just keep going around…divide and conquer.

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I just finished the last of the Strike novels by Robert Galbraith (aka JK Rowling), The Ink Black Heart. This was number six in the series which includes The Cuckoo's Calling, The Silkworm, Career of Evil, Lethal White and Troubled Blood. It was, in my opinion the best yet. It all centres on the murder and attempted murder of two people who created an online cartoon based in Highgate Cemetery (by the way, if you are ever in London, I would recommend you go and visit Highgate Cemetery, it's an amazing place) and their online critics/fans. It’s a long read, over a thousand pages but doesn’t feel like it and I didn’t want it to end. As to the perennial question of Strike and Robin, and will they won’t they, there are no spoiler alerts here and if you want to find out, you’ll just have to read it or look elsewhere. I haven’t watched the TV series at all and probably won’t. The books always have so much more in them and you form your own picture of the characters.

I was in Dublin on Saturday to see a friend and read Hiroshima by John Hersey, on the way up and down on the bus. It details the events of 6 August 1945 through the direct experience of six people and provides an update on how their lives turned out afterwards. 

It would be something if we could read that now as history and were comfortable in the knowledge that the lessons have been learned but, sadly, that is not so. The lunatic fringe is still running the show and making huge profits from the death and destruction of endless war.

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Sinead O'Connor

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Very sad news regarding the death of Sinead O'Connor. I read her autobiography last year Rememberings and she had a very tough early life. I think her mother was seriously mentally ill with schizophrenia, maybe even paranoid schizophrenia and Sinead and her siblings suffered at her hands.

She also talked about a head injury she received when she was young and blamed it for some of her own mental health problems. She was standing on a train platform one morning and someone opened a door on a train going through the station which hit her on the head. She was hospitalised for it and was lucky she wasn't killed. 

She has had a long struggle in this life and I hope now she is at peace.

This is my favourite Sinead O'Connor song, The Healing Room from the Faith and Courage Album. It also features in the film, Vanilla Sky, another of my favourites.

The Healing Room - YouTube I don't know what is going on with youtube but it won't pick up the url. so I have typed it below, if anyone wants a listen, or you can just search for it yourself. It's a beautiful haunting tune.

If you think of me today

A little prayer for me say.

RIP Sinead


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Not a 'Climate Crisis'

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Edited by Aideen Devine, Thursday, 19 Oct 2023, 16:25

Just to 'fact check' some of the 'climate crisis' fear-mongering that is going on at present.

Water boils at 100 degrees centigrade. We would probably all be long dead before we would reach a point where the seas are boiling. If, however, there is a body of water bubbling up somewhere, it will most likely be due to underwater volcanic activity.

Wood combusts between 250 - 300 degrees centigrade. So, again, we would be long dead before the trees catch fire due to 'global warming'. Forest fires start for a few reasons, lighting strikes, arson, human carelessness re barbecues, cigarettes and other fire type dangers. So, we can all calm down and get back to enjoying the summer, although it's a poor summer here. Beautiful June but a lot of rain this month.

Do these liars not think we have the capacity to check a few basic facts or are they that arrogant that they believe we are that stupid? Sadly, there is no one in a position of authority who will do anything about it, too many corrupt bodies and minions happy to go along with the fraud.

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5 Peaks Challenge

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My son is taking part in a 5 Peaks Challenge next weekend so if anyone is feeling generous, you can donate here EPS Group 5 Peaks Challenge - GiveWheel

The challenge is to complete the 5 highest peaks in the UK and Ireland, all within 48 hours. He completed the seven peaks challenge last year to raise money for Action Cancer.

Starting at Carrauntoohil in Co. Kerry, Ireland, then North to Newcastle, Co. Down to take on Slieve Donard, before heading to Dublin to catch the ferry over to Holyhead, Wales. A short drive to the next stage of the challenge Mount Snowden and then up to the Lake District for the highest peak in England - Scafell Pike. The final leg is to Fortwilliam in Scotland to climb Ben Nevis.

Anything you can give would be appreciated. 

Good luck to all the climbers!

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Gardening Tip

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Now that summer has finally arrived and that long forecasted warm weather is here, I thought I would share a gardening tip. I don't have a very large garden, I have a shed in the back garden and no room for a greenhouse to get the seedlings started, which you really need here in the North West. I was trying to think of a way around this and came up with a solution. Plastic storage boxes. Just turn them upside down, et voila, a mini greenhouse! Happy gardening!

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Hermione vs Katniss Rap

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I came across this on Youtube the other day and thought I would share it. A bit of fun, enjoy!

#POV Hermione and Katniss have a rap battle! (#COLLAB with @HollynnRagland 🥰) #fyp #acting #shorts - YouTube

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180 Degrees

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Just as a follow up to Operation Gladio for anyone who read it, I have just finished 180° by Feargus O'Connor Greenwood - Unlearn All The Lies You've Been Taught to Believe. It covers a lot of what I have covered in the blog but there is additional information in it worth reading in relation to banking, 9/11, CIA, Freemasons, Rothschilds etc. I've never really covered 9/11 on the blog but don't believe for a minute that a few Arabs with boxcutters pulled that off. Anyway, another one for the critical thinkers out there.  Sadly, the author is dead as he is someone I would have loved to have had a conversation with, although, I don't know when he died or what he died from.

Has anyone else noticed the reduction in internet traffic recently? Although, a million households have cancelled their internet in the last year, apparently, due to the cost of living crisis, but maybe they just got sick of the bullshit and decided not to pay to be tormented any more. The only reason I haven't cancelled mine is that the telly is so crap that I mostly watch Netflix these days. I think 99.99 per cent of it is now controlled by government and is propaganda, maybe it always was. I just did a quick search and got one page of returns, most of which were Amazon. I remember when the internet started and you put in a search and got millions of hits from across the world. 

I also came off Facebook and went back on Twitter a while ago and, on Saturday, I had a quick look as the weather was dry, and I wanted to get out into the garden to do some work. I rechecked it four hours later and it was the same stuff. I remember when I first went on Twitter and the page was updating constantly. I'm not sure about Musk, or how honest he is, but there is still quite a bit of censorship on it and, with the appointment of Linda Yaccarino as CEO, ex-employee of the WEF and mainstream media, I'm not sure it is the 'free and open' platform it claims to be, or will be in the future. 

And, on the subject of truth, it is beyond irony that the BBC has now launched a new programme, Verify, which is, according to them - transparency in action – fact-checking, verifying video, countering disinformation, analysing data and explaining complex stories in the pursuit of truth. This is our promise to consumers - we understand that their trust must be earned and we will show them how we are doing that each and every day. 

Copy that down and save it somewhere as you may need it for your defence in court in the future when they come looking for the license fee. This is like putting the fox in charge of the hen house, or a male rapist into a women’s prison – oops! You couldn't make it up, unless, of course, you work for the BBC, the Guardian, the IPCC, SAGE, the WEF, the FBI etc, etc...

They used to say believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see, with Ai, I would update that to believe nothing you hear or see on screen, and question everything. The world has never appeared more absurd than it is at present, I'm sure war with Eastasia is about to kick off any day now!

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And in honour of all pagans, past and present, a blast from the past for Solstice, take it away Jethro! 


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A Plague on All Your Houses!

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In October 2019, Event 201 was run to simulate what would happen in the event of a worldwide coronavirus pandemic and, what a coincidence, there was one shortly afterwards. It was organised by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, John Hopkins Centre for Health Security (because health is now a matter of national security) and the World Economic Forum. But it was all purely a coincidence and there is nothing to see here.

Then, in October of this year, the same players ran another pandemic simulation for 2025, Catastrophic Contagion, where a deadly contagion that affects children and young people starts in South America (where the Zika virus was which I'm sure had nothing to do with vaccines). I'm sure this is just another coincidence and I'm sure they haven't been doing research into something like say, the Spanish Flu and crossing it with a coronavirus or the plague. But, just in case, forewarned is forearmed, as they say. 

And I'm sure Bill Gates didn't really mean anything when he said that regarding another pandemic 'that will get attention next time'. All just a coincidence...nothing to see here.

The next pandemic will get attention this time - Bill Gates - YouTube

About Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019 (centerforhealthsecurity.org)

Catastrophic Contagion, a high-level pandemic exercise in 2022 (centerforhealthsecurity.org)

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In Ireland there is a website where death notices are posted. It is called Rip.ie and you can go on there and check the death notices from across the entire island of Ireland. They are put on by undertakers and not all deaths are posted there. Here are some of the deaths that have taken place in Ireland since my last post. I have only copied over the ones with young people who have died suddenly or unexpectedly. Of course, the media everywhere are ignoring this even when the captain of the Tipperary hurling team, Dillon Quirke dropped dead when walking off the pitch after a recent game. 

If this upsets you, I don't care because this is what is going on in Ireland. You can go on the website and check these out for yourself

I apologise for the quality of the notices, I copied them from the site and wasn't able to include their photos which I wanted to do, as it is important to know that these are real people and real lives that have been destroyed. 

A woman from my town died suddenly today from a cardiac arrest and total organ failure, she was in her mid 50's and I heard about another acquaintance's husband who suffered 2 strokes and is suffering from an accelerated form of dementia. This was what happened to my mother's cousin after the third jab. She died in March. 

The death has occurred of Dillon Quirke
Gorteenamona, Rossmore, Tipperary, E25 A257


Unexpectedly in Semple Stadium. Predeceased by his grandparents Eddie & Lyla Fryday and Phil Quirke. Deeply regretted by his loving parents, Dan & Hazel, sisters Shannon & Kellie, grandmother, uncles, aunts, cousins, relatives, team mates and many beloved friends.

May He Rest In Peace

The death has occurred of Amy BRACKEN

Oakland Park, Dundalk, Louth 

Unexpectedly, at home 15/7/2022. Beloved daughter of the late Margaret and Tommy, adored mum of Kirsty, TJ and Patrick, much loved sister of Anthony, Maria, Tammy, Susan and Eve and a wonderful auntie to Colm and all her nephews and nieces and her late niece Leah. She will be sadly missed by her sorrowing children, brother, sisters, brothers-in-law Gary, Mickey, Richard and John, her children’s father Trevor, all of her nephews and nieces, her aunts, uncles, neighbours, relatives and friends.

 May She Rest in Peace


The death has occurred of Dr. Vicky Conway
Douglas, Cork / Dublin

CONWAY (Dublin and Douglas, Cork): On July 19th 2022, unexpectedly, at home, DR. VICKY, loving daughter of Jean and the late Rory, beloved sister of Dermot, Susan, Bryan and Craig.


Sadly missed by her loving mother and family, sisters-in-law Amy, Esther and Megan, Frank, her "niblings" Chara, Rory, Alex, Cian, Julie, Lauren, Sam, Daniel, Leo and Seb, relatives, esteemed colleagues, beloved friends and her much loved pet Fionn.

 Reposing in Temple Hill Funeral Home, Boreenmanna Road of Jerh. O’ Connor Ltd.

The death has occurred of Sharon Ryan

Carras, Cloghans Hill, Tuam, Galway, H54 PX63 / Mayo

Tragically and unexpectedly. Predeceased by her grandparents Bridget and Michael Kelly and Anne and Jim Ryan and her aunt Mary and cousin Marie Davin. She will be deeply missed by her loving family, her parents Ann and Peter, her sister Michelle and her brother Emmett, her sister-in-law Sandra and Michelle's partner Barry McNamara, niece Holly, aunts Mary Lavelle, Margaret Owens, and Anne Kelly, uncles Jim Kelly, John Kelly and John Ryan, aunts-in-law, uncles-in-law, cousins, relatives, neighbours and friends.



The death has occurred of Paudie Mullane
Knocknagorna, Athea, Limerick

Paudie passed away unexpectedly on 28th July 2022 (Aged 38yrs). Sadly missed and lovingly remembered by his heart broken family, devoted father Conor & mother Mary B, brothers Tomás, Seán & Conor, sister-in-law Eleanor, Seán’s partner Helen, Conor’s partner Kelly, his adored nephew Tom & nieces Maia & Hannah, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, other relatives, kind neighbours and a very large circle of friends.


The death has occurred of Dylan Mullins
Ardrahan, Galway / Templemore, Tipperary

It is with the greatest of sadness that we announce the passing of Dylan Mullins, Canada and Ireland, Templemore and Ardrahan age 18, who died suddenly and unexpectedly on the 25th of July 2022. 

Dylan, a loving son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, and friend. He leaves behind his devasted parents, Mark and Jacqui, and his heartbroken brothers and sisters, Joshua, Zach, Caoimhe and Saoirse. Dylan known for his kindness, his compassion, and his friendship. He adored his family, and this love was returned ten thousand-fold. 

Dylan was very sadly predeceased by his younger cousin Jack and his two doting grandmothers Carmel and Evelyn, with whom he has been reunited in heaven, in their everlasting arms.

 The death has occurred of Gerard (Gerry) Sullivan

Portmarnock, Dublin / Galway

Sullivan Gerard (Gerry), Portmarnock and formerly of Galway, 29th July 2022. Suddenly, at home. Predeceased by his parents Denis and Teresa's (Tessie) and his brothers Mick, Jimmy and Billy. Beloved husband of Mary. Very sadly missed by his loving wife, children Gerard, Niall and Emma-Kate, Gerard’s partner Bernadette, his adored grandchildren Lily-Ann, Aaron, Abi, Seán, Ollie and Danny, sisters Mary and Bridget, brothers Martin, Oliver and Denis, nieces, nephews, extended family, friends and neighbours.

The death has occurred of Niall Michael Soden
Templevanny, Keash, Sligo, F56 FP66

The sudden death has occurred of Niall Michael Soden, Templevanny, Keash, Ballymote, Co. Sligo and 14 St. Joseph's Terrace, Sligo. Cherished son of Sean and Margo. He will be deeply and forever missed by his precious partner Edel, his loving brother James and his partner Ciara. Also lovingly missed by his dear grandparents Michael and Ann McLynn, his aunts, uncles, aunts in law, uncles in law, cousins, relations, neighbours and his many many friends and work colleagues at The Sligo Park Hotel.


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New blog post

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Irish Death Stats

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I came across this today and thought I would share it, it's Ivor Cummins with the death statistics for Ireland including 2020/21. It would make your blood boil considering the terror visited on the Irish people by their media and government. Shameful!


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Please sign this petition, it is to stop the government signing the WHO's Pandemic Treaty which basically hands your freedom and national sovereignty to the WHO and Bill Gates and his globalist friends.

Do not sign any WHO Pandemic Treaty unless it is approved via public referendum - Petitions (parliament.uk)

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