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Holiday walking- To 3 Villages!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 5 Aug 2021, 23:28

🏘      🏘      🏘
My friend and I went to do the three villages walk. However,  I think you have to do it one village at a time, not sure about that? but anyway we did it all in one go!

When I came back home, It felt like my legs were going to drop off! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

My friend and I Started off in the morning to the first village (2 miles away) This village was where the lovely little church was,  where we  had just visited recently. ⛪

There was a footbridge 🛤 and a lake but unfortunately there is no public right of way beside this lake,  and it was behind a fence! 🏞

We just had to follow the track. Pity we couldn't see it up close, it looked like it was very pretty,  and it had a boat on it, near the island. perhaps it was on private property? 🛶

We had lunch (a small picnic) past the village green 🟩 and on top of the hill, ⛰where we could at least view the lake from a distance. Walked down the hill and took the track leading to village no 2. (Another 2 miles.)🛤

Continued on walking to another lake, 🏞usually this one is for fishing in and here we sat down with much relief on a bench. There were no fishermen there,  but we did see plenty of moor hens and ducks! We also saw a heron bird! 🦩It was nice to sit and rest there. I was waiting for my heart beat to slow down again. It was quite sunny and warm by this time. 🌝

The water on the lake was rippling in the cool breeze and sparkling in the bright sunlight. We even thought we saw a fish 🦈 pop up to the surface, and there were waterlilies and dragon flies. Wildflowers were growing  around everywhere. It was quite beautiful! 🌾🌼🌻

However, I wish there could have been more benches for sitting along the way! 🌳🛋🌲
There was one large tyre, laid out flat in the field which we could both sit upon, on the way up the hill. This was great to sit on and all bouncy, which was a lot of fun to sit and bounce upon!

After that it was all walking, walking all the way. I was beginning to feel very tired and my legs were starting to turn to jelly! How much further to go?
On to village no 3, 🟩 much more flatter here (about 1 1/2miles plus walk back of 1 1/2 miles) Fields of sheep, 🐑 cows 🐄and some very beautiful horses.🦄 Long country lanes, but only one bench at the end of the village. All those wheat fields to walk through! That was really hard going!
After I had sat down on the bench  I could hardly get up again! my legs, my muscles and back really hurt.

My friend who is younger, taller, slimmer and fitter had to push me really hard to get me up!
"I can't go on!" I wailed.
"Yes you can, no pain no gain! " She told me
" I reckon we must have walked about 7 miles today!" I said seriously.

"Yes, 7 miles imagine that, you have walked 7️⃣miles, and at your age!" 👩‍🦳she laughed "Ok you, you cheeky! ..." I joked with her playfully, and we laughed a lot about it!
A little further on we came to a little village pub and a much needed drink and a sandwich!🥃
I think that this saved the day! It was quite a punishing walk, I think tomorrow I will just rest all day!

Needless to say I slept really well that night!


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A Wild Gardening day

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 5 Aug 2021, 13:33

This morning we take our coffee in the back garden, on the table beneath the trees. We then consider how to tackle this gardening.

Now where do we start in this overgrown garden jungle?
We have decided to leave the bramble berries for now,  but Perhaps trim them back a little. They have attracted a lot of bees buterflies and other insects this summer. The berries are growing, but still green at the moment.

There is an elderberry tree at the side of the house somewhere, that usually has plenty of lovely dark elderberries on it by September. Just a little trim up for that.

An Apple tree grows behind the shed, that has had some apples on it in the past, but we don't know what condition it's in until we find it again!

The plum tree in the middle of the garden we cut back, perhaps a bit too much, so we haven't seen any plums for a few years but it seems to be growing still. It used to have lovely white blossoms on it which were very pretty. This tree also is used as a feeding station for the birds, so we will just leave that one. Maybe put some bird boxes placed high up on one of the tall trees at the side of the garden.

The evergreens provide excellent shade but they need to be cut back,  as they are just like triffids, and are threatening to come right through the back window!

Going to have a false pond as the other one has dried up altogether. It has nice plants and shrubs growing there, but we just need to add some more ferns and rocks. Maybe we can do something with it.

The shed has almost disappeared under the jungle!  so we must try to find it again and create a pathway leading up to it so we can gain access to it again.

Perhaps put another hanging basket or two on the shed?
We will have to cut back branches, shrubs, nettles, grasses and weeds with trimmer and strimmer until we can find the shed! Although a machete would more likely do the job much better!

Hey-ho lets get on with it!
Happy Gardening. Anybody got any wild gardening ideas? 


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Return to the little wood!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Tuesday, 3 Aug 2021, 21:36

A bit of a cool day today, with only a little sunshine. It felt quite cold and there was something of a sea mist lingering in the air.

After doing my morning chores, shopping, cleaning. etc. I walked with my son down to the park, then along the country lane at a slow pace! We walked passed the cemetery on the way down towards the little wood.

We then stopped at the little wood to sit down for a while, on one of the benches in the centre of the wood. No one was walking about in the wood today,  probably because the weather is much cooler so everyone stayed at home instead. It was very peaceful in the wood.

Everything was pristine and tidy in the little wood, all the litter was still gone,  from the last time when we had picked it up.  In fact it looked like someone else had actually been back in there again to tidy up!

Branches that had once been strewn about,  had now been placed in a nice neat pile. Someone had even made some little dens for hedgehogs and placed a new bird box! 

Children had placed some pine cones on top of a shelf all in a perfect row! There were also some pretty decorated pebbles and lovely wild flowers in a vase!

Birds were sweetly singing, there were only the crows cawing and wood pidgeons,  who were softly cooing. Peace and order had again been restored!

I think someone else must like this little wood as much as I do!


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Recycling what a good idea!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Tuesday, 3 Aug 2021, 12:12

On the course of my many walks (mostly around my village) I had noticed that a lot of houses, have in their drives some unwanted items, with a notice 'Free, please take it'

I saw in someones drive a notice  'Free' a beautiful modern table and chairs. I examined them thoroughly and found they were in excellent condition, in fact nearly new!
My kitchen table and chairs were looking outdated and a little  bit shabby so I thought why not!

I went quickly down the road to collect my hubby from the garden. He helped me to lift the table and together we just transported it,  a few yards down our road. We then went back for the chairs.

Now my kitchen has had an instant makeover and looks like a new kitchen!
What a good idea! A lot of my neighbours are doing this now. Instead of dumping them somewhere, like in the countryside which is an eyesore for the countryside! People are giving unwanted items away for free!

I in my turn,  have also put out some items,  a very large ornate mirror, a glass display cabinet and a CD rack which have already disappeared! so that's great!  it's good to know that someone can use my unwanted things too!


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Seek and you shall find!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Saturday, 31 Jul 2021, 20:30

You will seek ME and find ME when you seek ME with your whole heart. ❤

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An Invitation

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Saturday, 31 Jul 2021, 20:29

Come to ME 🐦
all you who labour 🐢
and are heavy laden🐌
and will give you rest.


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Trying to be environmentally friendly ! 🚮

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Tuesday, 3 Aug 2021, 12:18

Today was my day off from studying so I have been to visit a little wood we call it Aunties wood  (so called after my aunt, who saved it from destruction!)

The children are now on holiday, and are coming regularly into the  little wood. They sit down on the bench, and sit there with their friends having a chat, which is great of course! 

However, what I found the other day was a piles of plastic bottles, beer cans and crisp packets scattered about!
Maybe older teenagers?

A bin was placed pricisely for this purpose at the entrance to the wood also signs saying 'Do not drop litter!'.
I think they are just too lazy to go back to the entrance (only about 20 steps away) to put their rubbish into that rubbish bin!

We thought maybe placing a bin inside the wood, but they tried that at the park, and the kids just emptied all the contents out of the bin, onto the grass near picnic benches, so there was even more rubbish strewn about in the park. The council finally removed this bin and now there are bins only at the entrance and exit.

It is sad really because it is a pretty, peaceful little wood and up until now it was nice and tidy. It is only since the schools broke up, that I have started to notice this rubbish appearing.

We have arranged a litter picking day tomorrow.  We will go to Aunties wood first wearing gloves and pick up all the plastic bottles, beer cans and crisp packets. After that we will also go litter picking at the park as well.
I just hope the kids will get the message this time! 🚮

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Language and Creativity

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Saturday, 31 Jul 2021, 00:35

I am now fully enrolled on.E302 English Language and Creativity. Filled in all the questions and received the confirmation note. I noticed the site has already come up on my Student Home Page and will be active in September. Looking forward to getting started on this module!

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The bike ride 🚵‍♀️

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Monday, 2 Aug 2021, 09:43

On Sunday afternoon there 🌅 was balmy soft, warm sunshine with a cool breeze. The air was scented with the perfume of flowers, 💐 that was drifting across from the nearby gardens where I live. Today we were  taking a bike ride to the next village.

My friend 🙋‍♀️arrived on her bicycle. In cool comfotrtable clothes and trainers. She had on her usual cheerful smile, which makes me smile too! She waited on the path for me to join her. My son was with his father so I had the whole day with my friend.
We set off and I carried a small picnic in my bike carrier👝 on the back of my bike.
The roads were quite busy as expected!
At first I felt petrified as It has been a long time since I rode a bike, last time was when I was a care assistant working in the next village, where I used to cycle to work each day. But that was a long time ago!
Out on the main road I closely followed my more confident friend!  After about 5 minutes in we slowed down , and signalled we were going to go left,  just before we reached the hard shoulder. 

At the hard shoulder we dismounted and walked along a little, until we reached the gap in the hedge. This track is not very well known by many people, but it has a wide flat path much used and flattened by busy tractors. It is excellent for riding a bike!

We rode along quite easily through the field on the flat track, although it was a bit bumpy in some places! 🛤
There is beet growing here in the field,  which is food which they grow for the animals. We whizzed along quite quickly now!
Through this quite large field. 
Fortunately nobody was about walking at the time, so we could really fly!! it was great fun!!! 😁🚵‍♂️🚵‍♀️            

The track broadened out as as it meets with the village green. 🟩⛲  Here we slowed down, dismounted ,  rested a while, and took a drink from a carton of orange🧃
Now we had to take to the road for about 5 minutes on a very quiet road thankfully. This takes us up to the next footpath.

Next we rode along a long straight footpath behind the church. This footpath is mainly grassy and takes us along the side of the field, where some brown cows were grazing, safely behind the fence!         🐂 🐂🐄

They looked peaceful, there in the field, contentedly chewing on the lush green grass. We just slowed down a little, so as not to scare them. They moved back slightly nervous,  but they soon carried on chewing again, after we had passed by. In the adjoining field there were some sheep 🐑 🐑also grazing, but quite far off in the distance. All this time we have been steadily climbing up hill. After a while the path comes to an end at a road.🛣

Now we just had main road to cross to reach our final destination. Only a few cars passed by, then we were able to dismount from our bikes and cross over the road. A wide footpath leads us onto what appears to be a field, but soon we found ourselves on top of a hill, with an  amazing vista!   🌄  where on a clear day like this you can see the sea.🌊

We scanned the whole area. At the bottom of the hill we saw a foot bridge over a stream, then in the near distance a lake, 🏞this had 🦆🦆ducks and water hens on it. After that the road slowly rises up again, leading to a large wood. A farm to the right and fields to the left.  We shall be heading back home by the scenic route, running  alongside the wheat fields,  this time on our return journey.

However, before we could go any further, we have a picnic to eat, so we walked along to the bench, sat down and unpacked our picnic!

🌲🛋👝 🧃🧃🌮🥪

What a lovely Sunday this was turning out to be,  sitting having a good picnic with a friend,  in beautiful surroundings!🌅

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A Joyful Song!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 29 Jul 2021, 18:57

Joyful Psalm 100
💯 verse 2 : Serve the Lord with gladness! Come into his presence with 🎵🎶 singing!


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A study day poem

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Wednesday, 28 Jul 2021, 02:54

The birds they are all singing
It is a sunny day
The children are out playing
And the postman's on his way.

The bees in garden buzzing
It is the merry month of May
The people are all leaving
To go to work or play.

I must be up and busy
There are a hundred things to do
Like cleaning, washing, shopping
Then study with OU!

Gill Burrell


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Back garden reading

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Tuesday, 3 Aug 2021, 12:31

I had my breakfast in the back garden,  in my little wood. I say it's a wood because the trees from the residential home, behind the house, overhang our garden.

Then there are also our trees and shrubs which also overhang from our side of the garden, so it has formed an enclosed sheltered place with a  natural canopy, and within it I have placed a bench where I can go sit and listen to the birds singing.

I stayed there for a while and read my book.
My son comes to say " hello "and can I give him a big watering can?
He soon gets busy watering some plants on the small patio near the french window, which is flung open today. There are some Roses ( bright pinks& red) and marigolds, lavenders and others that I had forgotten, planted years ago. There are some ferns too they thrive well in the shade.

However the plants and flowers don't see a lot of sunshine on this side of the house,  so they look a bit frail. I may move some of them them around to the front garden where there is much more sunshine.

There are lots of brambles bushes which I have kept on the far side. I was tempted to take them off, but they have beautiful pink and white flowers on them, and they attract the bees and butterflies which is good for nature.

On the fence I have placed three hanging baskets with lobelias,(white and blue) red geraniums also pink and begonias. This is something nice to look at, while sitting in the wood. I would really like to have some more flowers,  wild flowers that enjoy a shaded garden.  I will have to go and look in that garden shop that sells seeds.


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Have faith!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Friday, 30 Jul 2021, 19:49

Romans 10:17. So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the Word of Christ.

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Being inclusive

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 29 Jul 2021, 18:58

  But love your enemies, do good to them,  and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High,  because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked.

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 29 Jul 2021, 18:59

Faith is the substance of things hoped for , the evidence of things not yet seen.


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Three walks! 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Wednesday, 4 Aug 2021, 23:59

A little cooler today to start with but temperature starting to rise still becoming sunny.🌞 23°
After a coffee or two and some healthy biscuits I feel ready to start the day. I read a few pages from my detective story in french 📖 "Maigret et les petits cochons sans queue" par Simenon. 🐖🐖🐖 it seems like a good start to the story. I think I might like this book.

                     🌞  👒
After a quick tidy up I set off with a brisk walk to Sainsbury's supermarket. When I set off it was nice and cool but coming back it was horribly hot! I felt so poorly walking back home with my bags of shopping. I should really have taken the supermarket trolley and just  thrown all the shopping bags in. Jolly good job I only live 5 minutes away!
      28°              🥵
When I arrived home I drank a large ice cool glass of orange flavoured spring water straight from the fridge!
When I had rested enough,  it was time to go to collect the organic vegetables , from the vege lady on the edge of the village. This time I had some help from my hubby to carry the bags for me. Thank you dear!
We managed to find what we needed including carrots, new potatoes, broccoli, Kale and leeks.
I also bought tomatoes for my salad at a reasonable price from her. She even threw in a free bag of carrots and some beetroots! What a lovely lady!


Then the long walk back of 25 minutes in this fierce heat.
We then stopped to rest in the park under the big trees which was really nice!
There were more people than there usually are in the park it was so busy! so we didn't stay long, just enough to take a breather.
After this we sat for a few moments in the peaceful cemetery, a great place for contemplating life and death! We drank a coke to cool down. It was very peaceful, with butterflies and birds who were singing, there were wood pidgeons, wagtails, sparrows, crows, magpies and  even a couple of ducks from the nearby pond! 
Some little  sparrows were taking a mud bath, throwing dry mud all over themselves!
We had to laugh because we had never seen that happen before it just looked really funny!
We got up and continued on our way ,  taking the quiet route back, through the little streets, that leads to our road at the back of the church.
We arrived at last at our little house,  then I suddenly stopped half way up the path " O no! I have forgotten the ice-cream!" 🍦🍦
Yet another walk out, but back through the village this time, to the other supermarket!

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Hurray! Results day!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Tuesday, 27 Jul 2021, 22:28

I have my results ! I am so relieved that I have passed level 2 of module L222 in French!

Despite having some difficulties at one point, in one component. I made up for it in all the other areas of essay writing and comprehension. I am so happy!



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A magic wood -Poem

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Monday, 2 Aug 2021, 09:48

This magic wood
where I now sit
Dappled and sunlit
Iike a golden
Cool cocoon
Far away From 
Heat and fume
Where birds fly high
In lofty trees
And honey bees hum in                  Flowers sweet.


Ladybird crawls out
Bedecked in red robe
With black spots on
Shakes her wings 
 And then is gone

Blue green dragon fly
Hovers in mid air
And darts around
From here to there
But does not land


Coloured Butterfly

stops fleetingly

On a fragrant flower

Then flys up high.


A Robin sits                                        upon a fence                                      with bright eye                                  Spys a catterpillar                                 Go Crawling by            


In this wood

I would gladly stay 

    With insects                                 Birds and bees

Beneath cool trees.


Gill Burrell

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Too hot - and waiting for results!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 5 Aug 2021, 00:03

Yesterday it was so hot it was 29° or 30° here where I live,  but it felt even hotter because there was hardly a breeze about. It just felt like any other hot country abroad. Today it feels just as hot,  if not hotter!

The front of the house gets so hot ,so I spend more time at the back of the house if I can where it is cooler. The trees completely shades the back of the house making it much fresher. In winter this is not so good, but in summer it's great!

Last night I could not sleep thinking about when I would be getting my results! as well as that the weather is so close, and the bedroom which is at the front of the house (south facing) was so hot!

On top of that we have insulation in the walls too, so I feel like I am being cooked alive!

Now I am nervously waiting for my module results either today or tomorrow !

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A spiritual dwelling

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 29 Jul 2021, 19:00

The Verse for today is:

 Do you not know that you are God's Temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you. 1 Corinthians 3:16 ESV.


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Education has helped me!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Monday, 26 Jul 2021, 00:09

I am enjoying studying with the Open University. Language studies BA in French and English.

Before I became a student at the Open university,
I used to be a care worker. I liked this work very much and soon made my way up to Senior HCW.
I had never been in higher education before but just had a few basic certificates.

I worked very hard and did well within the field. I also worked part time with Red Cross sometiimes on weekends. I never thought I would do anything else in my life,  as I had never had the chance to study before.

However one day the residential  home I was working in suddenly closed down so I found myself out of a job. Living in a village it was difficult for transport to other towns or cities. I felt at a bit of a loss at first.

I didn't really know what to do next. I drifted about a bit and took up various interesting hobbies, including Art, Music playing piano, singing, poetry, reading and learning to speak french on holiday.

While on holiday I made an effort to speak in french and I impressed my husband by ordering us a meal in a restaurant in french!

When I came back home my husband suggested I should learn more and perhaps take a course with the Open University. I decided to give it a try by taking first the access course in Arts and languages.

I really enjoyed this access course and soon  felt confident enough to continue studying towards a degree in languages so I enrolled in French and English. That is how I became involved in Open University studies.

Thanks to the OU I can now speak to my french friend over the phone and I have also read my first book in French!

I still have 2  modules left to go in language studies, one in english and one in french. I have gained confidence in my ability to learn new things. I have really enjoyed studying with the OU and am now looking forward to the next level of studies with the OU.

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French reading - 1

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Friday, 16 Jul 2021, 19:51

Ce matin, j'ai terminé tout le ménage de la maison. Mon fils était à l'intérieur et il ne voulait pas se promener dehors pour le moment.

J'ai decidé de lire mon livre de l'histoire détective par Georges Simenon en français. J'ai toujours mon dictionaire à portée de la main parce qu il y a des mots inconnus.

Je me suis assise dans le jardin ,  à l'ombre des arbres, pour me reposée.


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French reading - 2

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Tuesday, 27 Jul 2021, 22:29

This morning I finished my house work at home and son was indoors and didn't want a walk outside. I decided to read my detective book in french par Georges Simenon. I had my dictionary at hand because there were some words I was not too sure of.
I sat in the back garden in the shade of the trees because the front garden was too exposed to the heat and I burn quite easily.
The neighbourhood was fairly quiet a lot of people have either gone to work or to the beach (which is quite close to us)so it is very quiet here at the moment. Perfect for reading in peace!

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Love one another ❤

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Friday, 30 Jul 2021, 19:50

If someone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen, how can he love God whom he has not seen?

1 John 4.20

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Speak kindly to one another

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Friday, 30 Jul 2021, 19:51

And remember -  to

“Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit.”

— Max Ehrmann


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