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Love One Another

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 18 July 2024, 15:39

      Love one another             A dog and cat cuddling up together


Jesus said
" A new command I give you:  Love one another, as I have loved you, so you must love one another.

By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another"

John 13. 34-35
(The Bible)

This is not easy to do sometimes and not everyone is lovable!
Some people are prickly and short tempered. It may be because they have had a rough upbringing,  or that they have been rejected or hurt by someone. When they decide to put their trust in God and follow the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, as found in the New Testament of the Bible then they will be transformed and have hope.

A light will shine in them,  making them kinder, gentler,  softer and more loving. It may take a while but as we pray for them,  it can happen and they can start to change, to become  more enlightened, more spiritual and more like our Lord Jesus. Amen

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Reading a Good Book 📖

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Wednesday, 17 July 2024, 17:07

Reading a good book Mark!

    A Quote                    Tea cup with flowers 
    A Quote by CS Lewis

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I Am Now Part of LAL forum!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Wednesday, 24 July 2024, 13:04

I read my e-mails a couple of days ago and was invited (by link) to the welcome forum at the LAL. I am delighted to discover this forum and wonder why I hadn't discovered it earlier, when studying my previous modules in french? Perhaps I was too focused on trying to pass all my modules at that time.
I was pleased to participate on the forum and I am hoping to take part in the french club whenever it starts.
It will be so useful to practise what I have  learned so far, so that I don't forget anything. It will also give me more confidence to speak in french. I am looking forward to taking part on the forum and in the french club. I hope everyone is enjoying their studies.
Best wishes. Gill

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Reading french newspapers

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Wednesday, 17 July 2024, 12:23

Today I was just reading Le Monde » a interrogé un panel d’experts sur les trois principales mesures de la coaliton de gauche : baisse de l’âge de la retraite, hausse du salaire minimum et taxation des plus riches.

Sounds like a good idea!


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Historical Fiction

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Wednesday, 17 July 2024, 07:57

This weekend it was rainimg so no walkimg today. Instead I read one of my books that I had picked up from the charity shop.

'Stand we at last' by Zoe Fairbairns

I am now reading this excellent book, it is an Historical Fiction again.

It is about a family of women from one generation to the next.

It covers the time period of 120 years from 1855 - mid 70s during which time, is a time of great social changes. 

Changes such as the right to vote, the devastation of war, sexual freedoms, birth control, womens movement and so on.

There is also travel involved, as the family moves from England to Australia, to America to India and back to England again.

I am nearly halfway through the book and it is proving to be very interesting so far. I quite like reading historical fiction,  as it gives good insights into the way people lived in those times.

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Reading Henry Miller

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Wednesday, 24 July 2024, 13:08

A  menacing picture of a crab

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Red Roses Blooming In Garden!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Wednesday, 10 July 2024, 14:17

Red roses

Red Roses in the wild border.

Green chair on porch

On the Porch

Red Climbing Roses

Red Climbing Roses

Pink flowers

Found these Pink Flowers growing on Grass

Today I was pottering about in the garden.  Last week the roses looked a bit wiltered and battered  after the heavy rainfalls.

Today they are blooming beautifully!

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Relaxing in the garden

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Friday, 5 July 2024, 17:58

Green lawn with wild borders

Relaxing on the green lawn with the wild flowers border.

Yesterday, I had a hectic day in town,  so today  I am winding down in the lovely green garden, sitting  on my deckchair and reading my latest book📖

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Who to Vote for?

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Monday, 15 July 2024, 23:43

I would vote for a party who will protect and invest in the NHS as a public service. That everyone has access to a dentist, without having to pay too higher prices.

I would vote for a party who will make sure housing (rented) is available for all who need it. That the properties are well maintained and kept in good condition, with no dampness and broken down parts, but to be sure all repairs are carried out, when and where needed. Gardens and buildings made safe and clean. That rents don't increase too often.

Also that new affordable housing is built for first time buyers. As well as that, how about houses that can be renovated and made habitable for street (homeless) or all those who need homes.
To generally keep house prices down.

I would vote for a party who will keep energy prices at a level everybody can afford. That it is not just for shareholders profits but for everyone's benefit.
To find ways that energy will not harm the environment. The environment is a particular concern and I would like the new government to find ways of protecting our environment.

I would vote for a party who would ensure affordable food prices and safe good quality food. For prices that stay within reasonable limits,  that will not keep on increasing all the time!

A good Education system that is free on delivery. This includes free University Education too. Education is important and needs to be accessible to everyone.

Jobs that pay a fair wage in line with costs. That people can live decently without falling into poverty.

A party who would,
Protect the rights of citizens to live peacefully, without harassment, or racial abuse, sexual abuse, violence, child abuse, gender abuse, domestic abuse or abuse from employers who exploit their workers with low wages and zero hours contracts.

Is this all too much to ask for ?

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A Weekend walk-Walking the Circuit

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Wednesday, 17 July 2024, 08:21

At the edge of the village a green field

At the edge of the village. (Walking the circuit)

On Saturday afternoon. My friend and I did not walk across the field today,  but instead we decided to follow the circuit, around the village itself.

Starting at the car park, where there are large recycle bins, we had some recycling to put in the bins, plastics, papers and glass jars. So first we disposed of 2 bags.

Green field with footpath

The Circuit-  First Field with footpath.

We set off along the foot path at the side of the field for 20 mins.
Through the exit, we walked on along the main road, this is the  road  leading away from village centre, and we have to walk for 15 minutes as far as the cemetery.

Rested here for 5 minutes on the bench at the cemetery. Where we sat down to eat our sandwiches, we fed the little birds on the crusts, and the left over crumbs. The little birds were becoming quite tame with us,  venturing closer and closer! 

Grassy green lawn in cemetery surrounded by trees

Sitting in the cemetery.

We drank a fruit drink before starting off again. Occasionally in here, we have spotted some muntjac deer and rabbits in the cemetery at dusk!

However I wouldn't like being in here at night all alone!

Following the footpath, out through the cemetery and crossed the main road.

A green area with trees

We entered the park and walked the perimeter for 1 lap around the whole park. This takes about 10 mins. We then sat  on the bench in this area in the shade.

Brown bench beneath trees

After a brief rest, there was then steep hill to climb!

Green trees
The hill climbs steeply upwards, here we can feel our leg muscles working hard, as we climb steadily up the little hill, on through the footpath and so by- passing the housing estate, so another 10 mins. Crossed over the outer village road near the post office.

A green space with youmg  fruit trees

A Green Space with 10 young  Fruit Trees and bench.

Now we find ourselves in front of the large Co-op store. Luckily there is the Green Space nearby with bench, hedges and a few trees. Rested a while there to catch our breath and have another drink,( all this walking was thirsty work! ). This is now on the edge of the village, with only a few houses at the far end,  then a field leading to the next village.

Finally we are heading back towards the village through quiet side roads passing by the theatre undergoing repairs at the moment.  Passed by the Churches.
We crossed over the main road of Church street and turned into the little lane we call Tree lane. This beautiful lane, which is on the other side of  park, is lined with lime  trees.

 The scent is quite wonderful when It hits you, especially on a warm day like today, it was quite intoxicating!

 It is always so peaceful in this lane we always like to sit and spend some time here,  hardly any passers by, no  traffic, just the grassy banks, quiet gardens, tall trees and that amazing perfume!

The park lies at the far end of the lane.
Our house is only 5 minutes away, down a short cut from here, so we sat and watched the sun a while, as it began setting.

Sitting beneath the fragrant lime trees

Sitting beneath the fragrant Lime Trees in Tree lane.

A large lime tree full of yellow scented blossoms

These beautiful Lime tree with yellow flowers smell divine!

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What's New in the Garden

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Wednesday, 3 July 2024, 23:47

A red rose in the border of garden

A dark pink rose on the porch

Some wild marigolds yellow and orange beside the gate

Beautiful purple flowers

Wild Yellow marigolds

Wild Flowers orange and yellow

Yellow flowers in wild border

Today the wild borders around the garden look splendid!  There are wild marigolds, yellow ones and orange ones, as well as forget- me-  nots and roses, growing in the borders and around the lawn. The  new red roses just starting to grow and ready to open. There is always something happening in the garden !

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Travelling the world through books📚

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Wednesday, 3 July 2024, 15:38

I love to read books that are  set in other countries  I am currently reading ( A Room with a View by E. M. Forster) I think the reason for this is that,  I have always longed to travel to exotic places. Unfortunately, I don't have the finances to travel to these far flung places myself, so instead I can get absorbed in reading a book about a country I would really like to visit.
I then feel in my imagination,  that I am actually there visiting that place!
I like to read both fiction and non- fiction books, just as long as there are some good descriptions of the geography and the culture, so that I can conjure up pictures in my mind.
When I have finished reading, then I feel like I have really already been there myself, to visit all these lovely destinations!



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Temps chaud ☀️

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 27 June 2024, 02:26

Le temps ici a été très chaud aujourd'hui,  vers la fin des 20° (26-28)  Il n'y avait pratiquement pas de brise☀️ Cependant, il ne faisait pas aussi chaud que l’année dernière si je me souviens bien.

Ce matin, je suis allé à la bibliothèque et au supermarché. Mon fils n'aimait pas du tout la chaleur et il n'aimait pas être dehors !  

En même temps, il avait besoin de faire un peu d'exercice.🚶‍♀️👨‍🦯 J'avais moi-même absolument besoin de faire de l'exercice. Nous portions tous les deux nos chapeaux de soleil  et portions de la crème solaire sur nos visages très pâles !


Ensuite, j'ai pu profiter de mon jardin, à l'ombre du porche. Dernièrement, j'ai tendance à avoir des grains de beauté sur ma peau ou peut-être des taches de vieillesse ? donc j'essaie de ne pas trop m'exposer au soleil. Je porte une écharpe blanche légère autour du cou et des épaules. Je me protège aussi les yeux avec des lunettes de soleil. 👓

Je bois une bonne boisson fraîche de jus🍹 de pamplemousse et d'ananas, et je lis quelques pages de mon dernier livre,📗 

avant d'aller préparer le repas de salade garnie avec tous les accompagnements. 🧀🥗J'aime les tranches de pommes et les noix.

 J'ai également mis quelques quartiers d'orange dans une grosse cuillerée de salade de chou dans ma salade avec quelques fromages français. 

Je sais que demain est un autre jour de lessive, de courses et de travaux ménagers.

Mais aujourd'hui, j'ai apprécié d'être étudiant en vacances !

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Les Arbres

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Sunday, 23 June 2024, 13:08

A dark leafy green tree

A large tree behind the roof top in my street

A wide sturdy tree

A light green leafy tree

Je me suis promené aujourd'hui dans mon quartier où j'habite, entre les averses de pluie. C'est incroyable de voir autant de grands arbres magnifiques.

Les arbres nous protègent des effets du changement climatique,
nous pouvons nous abriter et nous ombrager sous eux, ils produisent de l'oxygène et purifient l'air qui les entoure.

Sauvez les arbres, sauvez la planète !

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Lire de la fiction historique 📚

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Sunday, 23 June 2024, 13:50

Après avoir pris soin de mon fils et nettoyé ma maison, je sors rapidement au supermarché et à la bibliothèque. Je n'ai pas envie de beaucoup marcher aujourd'hui, pas avec cette brise glaciale, et mon fils ne semble pas d'humeur à faire une longue promenade aujourd'hui.

De retour à la maison,  j'avais une heure libre avant de préparer le repas,  alors j'ai décidé de m'asseoir et de lire un de mes livres de bibliothèque. 

Le titre est :  "Le Général des Rois" de Daphné du Maurier, (une fiction historique) se déroulant en Cornouailles pendant la guerre civile.

Je me suis inscrit en ligne à mon prochain module L185 anglais à des fins académiques. J'attends maintenant que mon prêt étudiant soit approuvé pour la durée commençant en octobre 2024.

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WW11 Dad

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Sunday, 16 June 2024, 18:46

I thought I would try writing a poem. I am not sure how to write a poem but I just say what I feel.


Daddy was a soldier
He carried a gun
Wore a smart uniform
He Marched to the drum

We fought against Nazis
The killers of Jews
To bring back our freedoms
Those Nazis must lose!

The battle was over
The heros returned
Justice prevailled
And lessons were learned

Better to love
And in peace to reside
Than fighting and killing
And In hate to have


Although my dad fought in the war I am very much from the peace and love generation!

I believe we should not be enslaved by anything or anyone. However, we have a resonsibility to help our fellow humans when we can, so there is a code of christian conduct and kindness.

There are lessons to learn from history,  we can study the past, and remember what has happened before,  so that we dont make the same mistakes again!

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Espaces Verts

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 27 June 2024, 17:35

A green space with green grassy lawn, fruit trees and bench

Ce week-end nous avons parcouru le circuit du village. Ce fut un plaisir de découvrir un nouvel espace vert où s'asseoir, situé juste après le parking et entre un lotissement.

 Un endroit pour trouver la paix et la réflexion. C'est particulièrement bien si vous n'avez pas votre propre jardin!

 Dans cet espace vert, il y avait un banc solidement construit en bois, et une longue pelouse verte. Une haie verdoyante entoure chaque côté, et ils ont planté un certain nombre de jeunes plants, notamment des pommiers, des poiriers et des pruniers. Ceux-ci seront superbes lorsqu’ils auront atteint leur pleine croissance !

  Il est situé dans un endroit ensoleillé, qui bénéficiera des arbres une fois qu'ils commenceront à pousser et fournira des zones ombragées.

 Quelle merveilleuse idée ! Je pense que chaque ville et village devrait disposer de ces jolis espaces verts dont les gens peuvent profiter.  Je ne sais pas qui a créé cet espace vert mais je tiens à remercier toutes les personnes impliquées.

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J'aime lire "Maigret" en français 📚

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Monday, 24 June 2024, 09:18

J'ai aimé lire la série de livres "Maigret" en langue française. Cela m'a vraiment aidé à apprendre le français, parallèlement à tous les modules de français de l'OU. Cela m’a aidé à trouver des moyens de parler plus rapidement et d’aller droit au but. Je suis toujours la série TV🎞 Maigret sur Talking Pictures TV, interprétée par l'acteur Bruno Cremer. Regarder ces films m'aide beaucoup dans ma pratique conversationnelle en français.
C'etais tres interessant!

2 books by George Simenon

La series de livres "Maigret" par George Simenon.

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La Mer - (the Sea)

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Friday, 14 June 2024, 23:00

Aujourd'hui, nous avons fait une visite à la plage. Nous vivons assez près de la plage, à seulement une demi- heure.

Il fait bon faire une longue promenade le long de la promenade, passer l'embarcadère jusqu'au port où sont amarrés les bateux.

On peut y trouver un joli petit jardin pour s'asseoir sur le banc et manger nos sandwichs. Là, nous pouvons observer les bateaux arriver et les mouettes voler au-dessus de nous. On aperçoit au loin, la mer et les vagues se brisant sur le rivage.


    🏖    🛶⛵🌊🌊🌊

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Wild borders!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Monday, 24 June 2024, 09:33

In my garden I have  wild flower borders. This year the roses have really blossomed as well as wild flowers. It hasalso  become a natural screen where I can sit behind and be shaded from the sun.

Not only that but it is good for the natural environment, attracting bees, ladybirds, bugs, spiders, slugs, worms for the birds and many more.

Wild flowers

Wild flowers and Roses in the border.

A brown in the bush

A Bird in the Bush

Red flowers

Flowers by the gate

Wild flower border

 Sitting behind a natural sun screen. From here on the porch, I can look out across the green lawn without getting sun burned!

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Les cancers de la peau sont en augmentation et la planète se réchauffe !

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Monday, 24 June 2024, 17:16

Cette année, nous avons vu que l'Inde a connu des températures parmi les plus élevées jamais vues avec des températures autour de 49° Celsius.

La BBC rapporte les cancers de la peau mélanomes skin cancer cases rising in Uk.

"L'analyse montre que les taux ont augmenté de près d'un tiers entre 2009 et 2019, passant de 21 à 28 cas pour 100 000 personnes. Le rapport suggère qu'environ 17 000 cas de mélanome chaque année pourraient être évités, dont près de neuf sur dix sont causés par une trop grande quantité de rayonnement ultraviolet (UV)."

Autour du monde

L'Inde a enduré un été caniculaire, une partie de la capitale Delhi ayant enregistré mardi la semaine dernière la température la plus élevée jamais enregistrée dans le pays, soit 49,9 degrés.

Partout dans le monde, des personnes meurent inutilement à cause du changement climatique. Ce problème doit être abordé à la fois au niveau national et au niveau local, dans tous les pays du monde. Il est possible de l’éviter en prenant les mesures nécessaires pour réduire le réchauffement climatique d’origine humaine. Alors, que fera notre gouvernement pour protéger notre environnement ?



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Les Fables d'Ésope

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Wednesday, 5 June 2024, 19:45

Je suis en train de lire 

'Les Fables d' Ésope'

J'ai lu ce livre il y a longtemps et je le relis maintenant.

Ésope est originaire de la Grèce antique. de 520 and 564 . il était esclave. Cependant, ses paroles pleines d'esprit et ses histoires sages l'ont rapidement amené dans les cercles supérieurs de la société, où il était très respecté  Il a gagné son indépendance face aux colonialistes.

Il écrivait sur les animaux comme si leurs actions et leurs pensées étaient semblables à celles des êtres humains.

J'aime beaucoup ces nouvelles !
C'est tres interessant!


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Aesop"s Wise Words📚

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Friday, 7 June 2024, 10:47

I have been reading "Aesops fables."  This is a wonderful collection of short stories with a wise message or moral meaning.

Aesop lived in ancient Greece between 520 and 564 BCE so long before Jesus Christ , he had once been a slave, who had then risen to a high position in the society, because of his wise counsels, especially within the circles of the upper classes. He was also an incredibly good story teller and wise adviser.

His stories were carefully collected and were then published in a book titled  "Aesop's Fables"

Today I read the story whose title is-

"The Kingdom of the Lion"
It is the story about a Lion who was wise, gentle and never cruel. The beasts of the forest chose him to rule over them as their King,  because he was wise and kind. During his reign he issued a royal proclamation and sumoned all the beasts of the forest to attend the meeting. He announced to them, that it was his wish to have universal peace in the whole animal world.

He wanted the wolf and the lamb, the panther and the kid, the tiger and the stag and the dog and the hare to live together in perfect peace.
When he heard this the hare said  this "O how I have longed for this day" when the weak shall live without danger by the side of the strong"

From A  Selection of Aesop's Fables retold and edited for schools by Gordon Maxwell. London, James Brodie, LTD. Denmark Place. WC2

These are sweet little stories you can read to yourself or to your children or grand children. They are witty and full of wisdom and good instruction.

Some of these ideas are not new. Man has always searched for ways  to find peace. We can hear echoes of these ideas in the scriptures of the Bible where it says and the lion shall lie down with the lamb
Compare Isaiah 11 v 6-9 with Revelation 21 v 1-4 in the Bible.  

Will there ever be peace?


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Out in The Garden

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Friday, 12 July 2024, 21:46

A pink rose in the border

A Bright Pink Rose in the border

A Striped Tiger Cat asleep on the bench

Cat asleep on bench

A Bird Bath

The Bird Bath in the wild border

Pink Rose in full bloom

A Soft Pink Rose

A bubbling fountain

The Fountain and pond

Lawn with wild flower

The Lawn with pretty delicate ferns in the borders

A wooden bench on a green lawn

My garden bench with woodlands behind.

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A Cool Quiet Saturday!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Monday, 24 June 2024, 09:31

This weekend was so very different from last weekend,  because last weekend it had been warm and busy. This weekend on the other hand was much cooler and more quieter in the neighbourhood. There didn't seem to be that many people about either in the street. or outside in the gardens today.

I took my son for a walk and there was hardly any children playing in the park. Then I realised it is because this is the last weekend before the school term starts again ,  many families may have gone out to the local beach just a few miles away.

We were able to slowly walk around the quiet park, to sit at the picnic tables under the trees and to eat our sandwiches , while looking up at the lovely ancient trees blowing in the wind. We drank a cup of hot tea from the flask and ate some biscuits.

There was only one family on the very far side of the park. They were busy trying to fly a kite, they eventually managed to get the kite successfully up into the air at last. It was a beautiful brightly coloured kite it was flying well,  very high, and doing loop the loops in the air.

We watched for a while as the kite swooped and dived. The wind dropped and the kite plummeted down to earth. The family waited until another gust of wind took hold of it again then the kite was able to soar up into the sky once more, this time the kite stayed up there for much longer!

My son and I then walked the footpath back around the field,  then past the cemetery, and up the small hill leading back into the village. We walk past the market place then church street then back home. 

It was quiet in the street and gardens around where we live, so I sat quietly on the bench in the back garden, overlooking the green lawn. I admired the wild flowers near the lawn and ferns growing in the border.
Sitting out here in the garden I was able to read and to enjoy the peace and tranquility in the green space of the garden. 

I enjoyed watching the birds landing on the bird table and  on the  birdbath, further along the end of the wild border. The cat was fast asleep on the bench next to me and was oblivious to any kind of bird activity!
The wood behind me at the side of the house was also full of birds chirping cheerily.

 I could hear the little fountain running gently nearby, the next door neighbours wind chimes were tinkling in the wind. I could see the wild flowers growing in the border to the left side of the gatden, and I could smell the roses in the rose garden just near the porch by the door.
What a wonderful cool quiet Saturday it had been!

Green garden lawn with bridge

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