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Wretchedness of allergies

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My habit when travelling is to take at least my own pillow, even a duvet and a mattress cover; this because of asthma and rhinitis and a fairly severe allergy to house mite dust (their faeces). I have on long stays ended up sleeping in bathrooms, on balconies, even in a tent in the garden. Most frustraingly with two more nights to go on what is otherwise turning into a transformstive, even pivital writing experience, it feels as if I have had a rubber tube shoved up my left nostril and a sack of sand liberally sprinkled with pepper, had been poured into my head then packed into place with the handle of a wooden spoon. I've been stuffed. The result is miserable, a face that aches, earache, a,igraine lije headache and a left eyeball that feels as if it is swimming in chillies. 

The swollen soft membranes of my mouth and sinuses, even if I evacuated to the sea, may take anything from a few days to a few weeks to clear; work is severely compromised and my mood has sunk. A shame as the lessons and experiences I am having with my writing are hugely promising. 

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Lovely skirt

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That's not good! 

Every sympathy.

Least Famous 'Influencer' Ever

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I have a lesser version - just bought a new set of hypoallergenic duvet and pillows. Costing a fortune. Two air-con units on all day as well. 

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I just headed for the sea. I need more than an hour on the north Cornwall coast - a week, or certainly three days. Away from home I can't of course crash out on the bed that has given me grief. I'm looking at the OU equivalent of an EMA that has to be in today and I no longer care. I'll give it 67, though I'd wanted an 80+ from it. This won't happen because I haven't the energy to rejig and rethink what I can see is required, nor can I be arsed with the manic detail of referencing that I'd usually do.

What I look forward to is getting ALL of my head back, the prickly fudge part gone and the stress/tension muscle pain down my right side that is making it all the more miserable. 

I've been cursed by an amazing summer, possibly three even four months of being symptom free and now I haven't even replenished supplies of prescription painkillers, oral steroids and antibiotics that I am permitted to 'self-medicated'.

A three hour hospital appointment this Monday. The umpteenth examination of the soft tissues of my head that started when I was 12 or 13. I don't hold out much promise, though this time I've been referred by my dentist (who replaced my old dentist who retired after a hundred years and saw nothing beyond teeth). 

If I could rent a beach hut in Bude for a month and surreptitiously move into it I'd be off. Thinks. South Cornish coast would be better - I don't need anything blowing of the land to get up my nose (i.e. rape seed).

A year today I'll be sailing the Atlantic and offshore for at least five, or six, or seven weeks; I can't wait. 

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Thanks for stopping by Matt and Roo - I do see that when some of us here wave the surrender flag or shoot up a flair that a supportive voice is near by. It really means a lot. The beauty of the Internet I feel is two-fold: your are unique, but then again you're not?!! 

Rachel Austin

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You have my sympathy too, I used to take pillows everywhere I went, now I tend not to travel - too much hassle.

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I need to get back to sea sad