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Prince Edward was sent to France during the First World War. He lost his virginity in an Amiens brothel soon after his 21st birthday and recieved the Military Cross for duties that included the organising of firewood collections. 



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Zara Wilson

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I enjoy your posts on the war. Frankly, it's something I've never taken an interest in, but since blogging at the OU I have found myself taking mini history lessons from your posts. It's when things like this happen, that make me love this blogging space so much.

Design Museum

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Thank you Zara. I'm having a heck of a week: a 4000 word essay on the Third Battle of Ypres was sent in on Wednesday to the university of Birmingham, meanwhile I'm on a five day writing retreat with a former tutor on the creative writing course at the university of sussex ... writing, so far 8 hours a day of fiction set during this exact period and involving the hijinks of the Prince of Wales, 23 going on 17 and a boysoldier, 17 going on 23. It keeps me awake at night so something is going right. Meanwhile I need to get my head into French mode ... not least so that I can appreciate the lettets Prince Edward wrote in French to his mistress in Paris.