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To make myself ill ...

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Wednesday, 1 Oct 2014, 14:16
From E-Learning V

Fig.1 All images too disgusting to share ... so here's a diagram instead!

Unusual that during a hospital visit the consultant asks me to make myself ill and return the following week for a biopsy. This is testing for 'Lichen Planus' - an unpleseant ulcerating of the soft tissues of the mouth. Breakfast the morning before will therefore be: a packet of hullahoops, a chocolate HobNob, martmite on toast with tomato ketchup, a spoonful of heated up Chicken Phal, cheap icecream say a 'Feast' and a small glass of Spanish lager, or Guiness or Newcastle Brown Ale. I can then rinse my mouth out with a specific brand of mouthwash that contains some chemical that causes a reaction.

I predict ulcers, a large blood spot and what are like raised, scratch marks inside my mouth. If I really eat the above I think I'll be sick. Come to think of it, if a handful of HulaHoops does the job why bother with the rest?

I will have some prescribed pain relief and an anaesthetising mouthwash to use straight afterwards.


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Zara Wilson

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Woah. Did the Doc really say this? Never heard of this before. And mouth ulcers...Ugh. Ouchie. The menu doesn't sound too appetising, either. Hope all goes well.

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Bleugh, you forgot  salt n vinigar crisps! Poor you, hope your mouth recovers/subsides quickly.

Design Museum

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It's to induce the symptoms of oral lichen planus so that they can do I biopsy. 

autumn time at gwaun y gors

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I get something similar at times, never went to the docs though. yours sounds very uncomfortable to say the least. And also, Happy belated birthday, Its my 53rd this year too. Its been enjoyable reading your recent blogs, thanks for sharing. regards Emma
Design Museum

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I suppose I should post something on e-learning or on L120. The module wants me to read and learn about 'vacationing in France' and French national holidays: I want to read books and memoirs on Verdun and get my head around French legalese.