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Is big brother watching??!

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A strange thing is going on with my computer and i just wonder if anyone else has had something similar.  An 'unidentified network' keeps blocking my internet access and i can't get online, i can't get into this network and i have no idea who or what it is.  Has anyone else experienced anything like this?  The funny thing is, i am political and subscribe to various political sites but this thing appeared the same week i posted a piece on Facebook about attending a night in support of Palestine (this was a night of entertainment with a political slant, nothing too radical)  Ironically, it was organised by an Israeli guy i know, and his friend who is from Palestine.. am i being paranoid ??  Anyone any suggestions??

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Next time it happens, right click on the task bar and select Start Task Manager. Then click on the Processes tab and see what is running, it may give you a clue.


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Can't remember whether ours did that, but we did have one that jammed the computer by running up the cpu usage to 100%. (No internet, no word) task manager helped, deleting recently installed programmes and running malwarebytes/stinger also helped. I also checked internet tools and extensions to ensure nothing lurked there.


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Thanks for that guys, i'll try that next time it happens