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God of Rock pt 2

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Oh God of Rock, we salute you in your almighty fabulousness and musical wonderfulness!! We're not worthy, we're not worthy!........Anyway, a great night and wholly satisfying in so many ways as only Mr Robert Plant can be, always delivers his best and his voice is still amazing.  We met a lovely couple who had come the whole way from Staffordshire for the concert, a big hello to Steve and Janette. Apparently Steve, who is a big Led Zep/Plant fan, surprised Janette with a weekend away to Belfast, only to find out that the reason they were there was to see Mr Plant.  But she really enjoyed it so it all worked out in the end.

Of course, all the old rockers were out in force, the long hair may be grey and it may be a while since we all 'rocked and rolled' but they're still going strong even if the waistlines are a little more expansive these days!!  Belfast was buzzing and I had such a good night I think I'll be going back there very soon maybe for a weekend.

There was a great selection of music, opening with a Zeppelin number and along with tracks from the new album and a few old delta blues number, it was a rocking good night.  Of course, the roof nearly lifted for Whole Lotta Love, what a buzz!!!  And then he came back with Rock and Roll in the encore, what more does a girl need!!  

So, God of Rock, thank you for blessing us with your Divine Presence, and heavenly choir.....until next time, keep rocking it out! Aaaamennnnn to that!

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