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New rain Haiku

Visible to anyone in the world

The smell of new rain.

A time for reflection.

And no umbrellas please.

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Me in a rare cheerful mood

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Two drunken, and generally high too, lads live in the roof flat across the road.  Their principal employment is hanging out of their skylight window shouting abuse at confused pedestrians below.

On morning at 5:45 a.m. my wife left to do some voluntary work and they threw an unopened can of lager down at her.  It missed by a couple of feet and exploded in a shower of spray on the kerb just in front of her.  Unfortunately for them I was leaning out of my window waving her off and saw what they did.  Although, all I got for my troubles was a load of abuse from them.  The Old Bill weren't too bothered either, sadly.  Apparently a witness, possession of the battered can and the scratch mark on the fairly newly-laid pavement are not enough for them to care.


Skylights open across the way.

Pigeons shelter in dampening human caves.

Shouldn't laugh.