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Me in a rare cheerful mood

Lest we forget

Brooke.  Grenfell.  Munro.
Owen.  Rosenberg.  Sorley.
Thomas.  Wilson.  Wyn. 

The Great War is history, and the poets above did not survive it.  But fragments of their work live on, typically preserved in stone, like the fossils of creatures who lived at a time before ours when great beasts roared across the earth, ripping gentler souls limb from limb in the quest for blood to spill and flesh to consume.


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That's part of what I felt.

In the Great War poetry seemed to resonate with everyone in the street.

Now its seems to be slipping away.

If you like poetry...........

If your anywhere near Sheffield theirs a great festival just one day called peace in the park. Last time I went they had a lot of poetry reading on one of the stages, and some great music too, and lots of fun things to join in with. Mostly anti-war poems and stuff. But its a lovely day out!

Me in a rare cheerful mood

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"If you're anywhere near Sheffield there's a great festival - just one day - called Peace in the Park."

So there is - link.  Apparently this year it will be a night-time music festival on 13th June to fund their traditional day-time festival in 2016.

I didn't know about that; I'll make a note in my diary for 2016, thank you.

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no way no daytime festival...whyyyyyyyyyyyyy????????

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It was really good the last time I went in 2013. But haven't been for two years lol my bad!