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Mice Also Sing

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Edited by Richard Walker, Saturday, 16 May 2015, 02:53

Writing that fish can sing reminded me that mice also sing.

Reprised from this blog 2 April 2010 here is a clip of a mouse singing. This is a serenade to a female mouse.

Click hereAudio player: audioS1.mp3

It was at a much higher pitch originally and has been adjusted down to a range suitable for human ears.

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Me in a rare cheerful mood

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That's an interesting discovery.

But, surely everyone knows mice can singwink

I wonder if and what my hamsters were singing to me when staring intently at me, clinging to the bars.  Traditional rodent folk songs of rights and freedom?  Heartfelt spiritual lines to nights spent roaming the deserts?  Odes to cabbage leaves and carrot tops?  Or filthy shanties about the need of a mate and a dripping waterbottle with an ironic yo ho ho chorus about running the wheel and getting nowhere?

Richard Walker

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he's the mouse's
bosom buddy...
a swallow

Issa 1824