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It's only seven or eight months since I came out of formal education with the OU. I am settling into more of the same elsewhere, as Digital Editor for the Western Front Association which is particularly vibrant right now due to the centenary of the First World War. I also continue to take part in OU Student Consultation Forums as a volunteer - sharing my 'wisdom' as a learner who survived the entirely online experience of the Master of Arts : Open and Distance Education ... and a wee bit of the OU MBA programme that had a Residential week and regular tutorials. And I have one or more FutureLearn courses on the go too: currently on Museums of the 21st Century, the First World War : Trauma and Loss (from the OU) and a new one on Climate Change from Space deliver by the European Space Agency.

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Me in a rare cheerful mood

Jonathan, a job advert of interest?

I recall your interest in research around the Great War.  I have an ongoing job search for peace-related jobs and I saw something that might interest you.  Or it may not.  It is researching conscientious objection in WWII.

Research Assistant - Anthropology of Conscience


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Hi Simon, thanks for thinking about me on this one. I could have been right up my street ... though if I had a personal interest it would be the First World War.

I've just become the Digital Editor for the Western Front Association so look like being fully occupied with this for the next five years smile Part time, so I can fit in, and perhaps find some financing too, for further studying.

I should be looking more seriously a PhD study again.