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A Hedgehog Crosses the Road

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Edited by Richard Walker, Saturday, 11 July 2015, 01:48

Tonight - just a few minutes ago - I saw a hedgehog cross the road near my home.

These little animals used to be common but now seem quite rare, so I was really pleased to see it. But what amazed me was that it knew where to cross. I heard a rustling in the undergrowth and I was pretty sure it was a hedgehog. So I stood stock still. Pretty soon it emerged, and scuttled across the verge towards the pavement, as though it was going to cross the road. It was late and there was very little traffic but still I felt anxious.

Then the hedgehog retreated to the verge and ran off quite a way. I quite thought it had given up the thought of crossing. But no! It was looking from the right place to cross.

There's a crossing for wheelchairs. Not a textured pavement for people with low vision, simply a dropped kerb on each side of the road. The hedgehog clearly knew about this, and when it found the spot across it went as fast as its little legs could carry it. I was really surprised. I guess I shouldn't have been. A four inch kerb is tough if you have two inch legs, and hedgehogs are smart little beasts.

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