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Silliness Rebuked

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A relative sent a wounding message to me, on the occasion of yesterday's flippant post, as follows

'How does this stupidity make people admire Science?'

We felt this harsh and lacking in educational principles. As a riposte here are some definitions from our companion 'Dictionary of Poesy'.

Verse: Not better.

Ode: A debt.

Sonnet: Snot offit.

Metre: A date.

Dacyl: Non-scary pterodactyl.

Consonance: Not vowels.

Paradox: Two dogs.

Quatrain: Enquiry about presence of drain.

Iamb : Second part of Cartesian saying.

Pastoral: Beyond words.

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Smiles are good.

Me in a rare cheerful mood

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Silliness - like a Cornish archipelago.

Rebuked - buked again.

message - untidiness.

occasion - less impressive than a Caucasian.

yesterday - but no tomorrow.

flippant - termite tossing.

Richard Walker

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Also suggested

Dactyl: Place for duck to pay bill.

Richard Walker

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I like 'Silliness'.

How about

Psychic: Companion.

Canny: Is he able to?

Thought: Unfrozen

Me in a rare cheerful mood

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twirly - this time of day (i.e. before it gets light)

spanner - a bridge

uncanny - describing a thing removed from a tin