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Starting off - e(LATE)D TMA Stage 3

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Edited by Anita Pilgrim, Friday, 31 Jul 2015, 07:20

Luckily I had an activity in mind which I had long wanted to develop. I have always been passionate about teaching good referencing practice. (This is partly because it took me a long time to get my head around referencing!) I also love Forum posting.

Combine the two! What could go wrong. approve

Since I was mid-way through a module, I decided to test my lovely e-tivity live. approve

thoughtful well, that certainly was an interesting experience. As they say of e-teaching, serendipidous learning should be welcomed!

I teach in two cluster groups, so had the benefit of seeing how things go wrong work differently with different groups of students.

Group #1 - student immediately posts complicated secondary referencing example.

Group #2 - a student posts reflections on alphabetical listing in the full references, about which there is conflicting advice in the module materials. Another tutor and I cross-post (at the same time) further conflicting opinions and enter into a messy dialogue which may lead to students disengaging from the thread. 

Watch this space!!! wide eyes

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