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It is that time of year when I must commit to further learning or postpone. I now have three jobs: quite enough to keep my fully occupied and even learning - at someone else's expense. As content writer for a massively followed global medical website I research and post content based on the stream of academic papers being published (around three articles a day); as the digital editor of a First World War website I write and edit, and in both cases post content online - between two and five articles a day - manage the websites and feed/moderate social media. For pleasure, and 'work' I read and review books too - I reckon on a thorough review of two books a month. And when I'm not doing that, to escape from the computer screen, I both teach and coach swimming: typically 7-12 year olds being taught and developed through our club and then typically 13-15 year olds being coached. It works. And when the swimming stops or reduces I sail - again with a club, as often as not out in a safety boat bouncing along the south coast. Busy enough? Not much in the way of e-learning other than a little consultancy for a financial trainer. Have I used my MA in Open & Distance Education? Only on the latter, though maybe further in due course. Picking up an MA in British Military History is on the cards. 50% there, but got enough on my plate and I am more immersed in the subject than any student any way. 

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