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Edited by Richard Walker, Monday, 14 Sept 2015, 02:23

Sigmund Freud

Was easily annoyed.

Such a big grouch

When he had you on the couch.

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Me in a rare cheerful mood

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Sigmund Freud was barking mad
and fiddled with his patients.
Obsessed with knobs, cocaine and girls
and sex with ones relations.
Me in a rare cheerful mood

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Oops, that wasn't a Clerihew.  How's this:

Sigmund Freud
With patients toyed.
In psychotherapy, his role?
Sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll.

Richard Walker

'Jung Man!'

Thanks so much for your witty ripostes Simon, they make me laugh.

What do you think of this variant?

Carl Jung
Held his tongue.
Although really annoyed
With Sigmund Freud.

May I move this up to be a Clerihew in its own right?
Me in a rare cheerful mood

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I'm always impressed with what you post in the wee small hours.

I don't know about Jung other than he followed and disagreed with Freud.

I learned about Freud after a relative (who thinks Germaine Greer is a wishy-washy liberal) used his writings to claim I only had a motorbike as a penis substitute - needing something big and throbbing between my legs (which I thought said more about her large empty bed than it did about my need for a small motorbike as a low cost way of getting to work) - and described our subsequent investment in a share in a narrow-boat as "well, that clearly represents a penis penetrating a vagina as you steer your 60' boat into a tunnel".

She frequently lectured on how most everything is a penis substitute and how our penis-centric society is the cause of all the world's ills and Freud was the one to see this.

And just as I'd like to say that's a load of old rot, it turns out our PM is a piggy-poker.  Nice one, Cameron, you dick-head. 

Anyway, since I'll be doing philosophy and psychology this year I expect we'll need to learn plenty of names of theorists.  Writing Clerihews on them may be a good way of making notes on what they came up with.