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I will be joining the University of Wolverhampton next year to complete an MA in British Military History that I started at the University of Birmingham last year. This will bring my tally to three MA degrees, one BA degree, on top of other full-time postgraduate study, MA equivalent, at the School of Communication Arts. Bonkers. Had I known I enjoyed studying I should have gone the PhD route a couple of decades ago. 

I blame The OU for creating this compulsion to be studying. 

I have three jobs: digital editor, e-learning consultant, and swim teacher coach - fourth, though as yet unpaid as a sailing instructor. I rather want to do a cooking course too and spend a winter or summer season in a restaurant - that would stop me reading books by the stack.

No messing, I read and review two history books a month. I always look at these things and thinks 'I'll never get through that' then do. I then read it again. It is my respect for the author; I read them all twice. I think some of it is staying in my head too. 

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