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It isn't quite the 'life academic' but as the digital editor for The Western Front Association I spend a good part of my week reading and writing. I've learnt to be far less precious. I am more confident too in my writing ability. I just get on with it, proof read it with the app 'Grammarly' and move on.

Medical News Today introduced me to 'Grammarly'. I was expected, while there, to deliver two articles a day on medical matters based on press releases from medical research departments. We had to write in American or 'US' English. 'Grammarly' does more than any App I have used before. It 'infests' every sentence you write and picks up all the usual stuff and style, word choice, grammar, sentence structure and so on. Even though it is still wedded to US English only for now I do find it is a more smooth, intuative and ever present support that replaces the spellchecker and separate thesaurus I would use. 

Give it a shot: Grammarly.

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