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Romano-British Cheese Challenge

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How many British cheeses can you find that are named after former Roman towns?

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Me in a rare cheerful mood

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Well, there was a Roman villa in Cheddar, so, according to Asda there's:
  1.  Cheddar
  2.  Irish Cheddar
  3.  Strong Cheddar
  4.  Grated Cheddar
  5.  Canadian Cheddar
  6.  Mild Cheddar
  7.  Red Cheddar
  8.  White Cheddar
  9.  Two-colour Cheddar
  10.  Anchor Cheddar
  11.  Cathedral City Cheddar
  12.  Lighter Mature Cheddar (wtf?)
  13.  Applewood Cheddar
  14.  Cheddar slices
  15.  Smoked Cheddar
  16.  Spreadable Cheddar triangles
  17.  Lactose free Cheddar
  18.  Mexican style Cheddar
  19.  Fruity jerk Cheddar (I'm not making these up, you know!)
  20.  Viva Mexico jalapeño Cheddar cheese sauce
  21.  Billy Bear Cheddar slices (just like the dodgy coloured ham)
  22.  New Zealand Cheddar (definitely from a Roman town, that one)
  23.  Cathedral City Mature Yet Mellow Cheddar (another wtf?)
  24.  Chapel Hill Cheddar (is from before it was a Cathedral city?)
  25.  Coastal Rugged Mature Cheddar (because Cheddar is a coastal town after all. Not.)
  26.  Davidstow Cornish Classic Mature Cheddar (oh yes, that other Cheddar in Cornwall.)
  27.  Ilchester Bombay Cheddar Cheese (at least Ilchester is in the right county, even if Bombay isn't.)
  28.  Saxon Cross Cheddar (made in Derbyshire)
and finally, just to show Asda's is an American company and, therefore, would not know what cheese was if you stuck it in their nostrils and whistled Dixie at them:
  1.  Monterey Jack Cheddar.
It's heart-breaking what the supermarkets have done to help destroy the once great and hugely varied British cheese industry.

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Can't think of towns but don't forget

Red Leicester

Five Counties

English Vintage Reserve

West Country Mature

Coastal Mature

Tickler (Barbers)

Oak Smoked

Ford Farm

Cracker Barrel

Wensleydale ( with every type of addition eg fudge, whiskey, truffles, orange, cranberry, stickey toffee, christmas pud - that's not cheese it's dessert)

Cornish Yarg


Own Brand

with Shallots/balsamic onion/chives

Apparently the red is because northern Britain prefer it. Plus we are the only nation that mucks around by adding flavours (unless I was misinformed)

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Worcester - the 'cester' gives it away


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Ahh Glocester

Richard Walker

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Shouldn't that be Gloucester Gloucester 😄

Keep going...

Richard Walker

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What set me off on this quest was seeing an outline of Lindinis=Ilchester* and the plan looked a bit like a cheese with the corner cut off. All the rest followed...

* E.g. Applewood. This has not being going since Roman times I realize but it makes it into French Wikipedia, "L'Applewood", so it has a claim to celebrity.