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It's taken a short, free Coursera course on 'How to Learn' for many lose strands of my thinking to come together. This light, video based run through the basics has depth: the references and reading lists are copious. I'll go back and read these.

As I continue to work online I now expect certain patterns to be in place including setting the context, short carefully selected 'chunks' of information and insight, repetition and testing.

It isn't The OU, but I'm currently learning about Search Engine Optimisation (online), Digital Photography (online), French and Spanish (offline with Rossetta Stone). I am also doing a more traditional course, in talks, tutorials and on the water to pass my Yachtmaster's Certificate (sailing).

An amusing note on this: I joined the Royal Yachting Association and my default name is 'Admiral Vernon'. No one at the RYA can figure out how to fix this as it appears to be 'locked'. 

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