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98.8% For an online course

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Tuesday, 3 May 2016, 17:46

Six years ago when I started this malarkey I could scrape through with 43 or so. Each year I bumped this up by 10% so by the end of it mid80s and even a 92/100 were achieved. It wasn't so much mastery of the subject matter, but more my finally understanding how to learn.

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JoAnn Casey

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Congratulations, Jonathan. That is a fantastic mark!  I would KILL for such a mark!  (only joking).  Well done! 

I agree with your opinion - after 6 years I cannot remember even half of the stuff I have learned, but I do know how to learn!  I wish I had discovered this way of thinking earlier in my life.

I noticed somewhere on this site, but was unable to relocate it that you have had over a million views of your personal blog.  That's a damn fine achievement too!

Continued Good Luck wishes to you.


Design Museum

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Thanks for your fine words smile

Yes, this blog, six years in the writing, has had some 1,300,000+ views. I hope fellow students of the Master of Arts: Open and Distance Education find it of use, or of interest. I still come back here to look things up to refresh my mind.

'Learning How to Learn' is a worthwhile FREE 'Massive Open Online Course' or MOOC from Coursera. The thinking is sound, the presentation 'light' and authentic - it was all put together by the presenter (an engineering prof) in her basement.

The thinking behind it is found across the OU and there is a book the OU did on 'How to Learn' or some such that covered similar ground.

What Barb Oakley does in her course is present it in an accessible and friendly way - on a foundation of sound academic understanding of how we learn. 

Wendy Taleo

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Having just started this MAODE 'malarky' as you put it, I'm interested in this aspect. My jaded view at this stage is that getting higher marks is not so much about how to 'learn' as how to work the system that marks your learning (.) or (?) at the end of that sentence. Thank you for your blogging here and yes, it is appreciated by this early-stage MAODE'r.