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Nursery Rhyme

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As I were going down the sneck

The ghastly goblin had me by the neck.

Oh Mam! He gave me such a fright!

I hope he isn't there again tonight.

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Me in a rare cheerful mood

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Richard, I take it that is your variant on "I met a man who wasn't there".  There's unlimited potential here for a type of poem.  Perhaps they could be called Walkers.

As I was walking by the brook
A bishop caught me in his crook.
He tried to force me under water
I'm an atheist!  He shouldn't ought-a!

As I was walking by the stream
Munching madly my ice-cream,
A meaty chunk brought me to tears.
Did you know that Walls have ears?

While I was walking up the stair
I felt I'd never quite get there.
"Come round to Escher's flat for tea"
I'm going round so endlessly!

Richard Walker

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I must say I like the notion of popping round to Escher's for tea. smile