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Edited by Michael Gumbrell, Tuesday, 24 Jan 2017, 20:17

Well i found some time yesterday to do something outside of Work and the OU !

I produced another cartoon, attached above, for the Star and Crescent micro news site.

Hopefully my editor, Sarah, will like it enough to publish it with my others.

I thought i would share it here, i am studying Politics after all.

I also did a written article, 1000 words, perhaps all this TMA writing is starting to blend into my life outside the OU and work.

I call them cartoons, actually i can not draw for toffee and so produce sarcastic infographics instead!

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No petting in the Whitehouse:


Michael Gumbrell

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That's a good one Jon !!!

I uploaded this one to the micro news site in Portsmouth that I volunteer for, before Christmas,

I was happy to see a variation of it appear in my facebook new feed a couple of days ago,

it might be a bit obvious, but at least I got in first.

a infographic satire on trumps sirname