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I have to admit i left the DD211 facebook group today.

I have tried in YO 32 and DD103 as well but left those groups early as well.

It is my fault, i think i must have different views to online learning to some of my fellow students.

I prefer to learn independently in the end.

I find the facebooks groups quite frustrating sometimes and think it is better to remove myself than get involved with them.

Goodluck to the students that enjoy them

But for me... 'i'm out'

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I find some of the facebook groups tricky as well. I left the MT365 as it was getting a little too close to discussing TMA questions for my liking. On the other hand there can be interesting posts.

Other than the content I don't like facebook as a company.
Michael Gumbrell

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Hi Jon.

I kept getting messages asking questions about things like,

How do i prepare for tutorials and things about TMA'S

Like you that made it uncomfortable for me.

Some posts can be interesting, but sometimes if you offer an opposing position to some comments you get shouted down. I study politics and so debate is a key skill.

I just got the feeling that some of the others got their personal politics mixed up with studying politics.

Like you i have other worries about facebook in general, but because of my work i need to have a page.

I normally only post on facebook about once a month, unlike this blog !