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simulated human rights

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as part of my module we have to conduct a role play, to do with international law and human rights, interventionism, the UN and the sovereignty of the state. It is available on open learn and the link to the simulation is here.


It is interesting and disturbing at the same time, I have role played it twice and scored 78 % both times, taking different stances with both the UN and military action. I had 100% scores for both legal and political actions, but my humanitarian score was low.

It seems to be making the point that if you act or don't act, the humanitarian side of the scores is always lowest, if you go straight in with troops and aid you will score a high humanitarian score but fail on legal and political scores.

I invite you all to try the role play, please comment your scores here, I would like to know if there is a optimal path through the role play.

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Michael Gumbrell

Face book results

I shared this on facebook. Some of my friends there have had a go, with scores ranging from 44 to 78%

Me in a rare cheerful mood

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Doing what seemed right: 67%, being bullish and go in full force: 56%, doing as little as possible and try not to upset anyone: 78%.  Offend everyone and yet do nothing: 56%

I don't think you can get more than 78%.  I can't see how to get less than 56%.

I think the message from the game is "You're a pawn of the UN Security Council members' political machinations and that is more important than humanitarianism".

Michael Gumbrell

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You might well be right Simon. I got 78%. My facebook friends got a high score of 78.

You assesment seems very valid. If you include the UN then there will still be a humanitarian cost.

Thanks for taking the time to try it and feedback.