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DD211 block 5 revision flash cards

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So now I move onto the final taught block of DD211, block 5 globalisation.

I am still finding it good revision practice to make these, and am sharing them with some of my fellow students who attend tutorials with me.

Here it is block 5, flash card 1 Globalisation:

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Me in a rare cheerful mood

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I really struggled with Weber's "the state is the only authority entitled to use violence against its citizens" in DD101.

He died a hundred years ago, and some of the assumptions that come out of the above statement should have died in 1945.

Michael Gumbrell

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Hi Simon,

I hope that Weber is not a major part of A222 when I get to it in October. But it is an interesting debate on if the use of violence is ever 'legitimate'

I am nearly done with the flash cards for DD211 now, I have two more to do to finish.

I am just about to upload the next one, which deals with International Relations, I gave it a thunderbirds theme! which might be a hint to myself to get the flash cards wrapped up and get back to revising from me books!