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Yesterday the module website opened to view, (although studies don't begin until 7th October). I couldn't log on yesterday, as my own students were submitting their final piece of work so I was anxiously looking out in case anyone needed support and advice wide eyes

Today I logged in to my StudentHome page. I found out who my tutor is and made sure I did three things straightaway.

  1. Go on the Student Forum and make contact with other students. I know from my own efforts to support students that one of the things which helps them do better is chatting with other students (see attached summary of a research study on students working in groups).
  2. Look through the tutorial dates, note them in my diary and book in.
  3. Read through the Assignment Guide and the assignment questions. I am always surprised when my own students say they were too scared to read ahead and see what the upcoming assignment questions are. Open University assignments are usually designed to build on each other, so if you have looked ahead and know what will be coming up, you are better able to use the early assignments to develop towards the final assignment. Plus, if you are unsure about anything, you can make sure to ask your tutor about it good and early cool

If I get time later on, I will make an early start on reading through the module materials. There is bound to be a point later on when I am bogged down in child-illness, cat-crises, marking or some other act of nature and haven't got as much time for my studies as I'd like. I will try to get ahead of the game in preparation cool

Apart from that, I plan to live as much like a 'real' student as possible, having plenty of drinks tongueout

Cup of coffee and stick of 'gin & tonic' rock.

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