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A long week

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Looks like this is going to be a long week at work.

I have to conduct information audits with all my heads of departments. That is goong to be a boring process. However the law changes coming up with data protection under the new GDPR law means it has to be done.

The sooner we can get through the ICO 12 step to GDPR process, the better position our organisation will be to adhere to the new GDPR.

Still going to be a long week though.

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I feel your pain with regards to GDPR, I work for a software company and we are currently developing our software to be GDPR compliant!!. It already is to a certain degree, but even more so come May 2018

Michael Gumbrell

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Hi Rebecca.

I am doing the 12 steps to be ready. I can only get so far until the ICO publish the results of their consultatiom about step 7...consent.

GDPR or the cure for insomnia as it should be called.

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I'm doing a law degree, so some of my reading has sent me to sleep, GDPR is nothing compared to cases and text books i have read smile 

Hope all goes well with your studies.