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struggling with Philosophy

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I have to admit, I am struggling with A222, Philosophy.

There sheer volume of reading, the fact that the essay's have to be written in a completely different way to other essay's,  the fact that there is a sixth essay in the OCAS, unlike every other module which has five, the prehistoric age of the website and module planer, just the whole thing really.

If I had only known, I could have done politics and economics without the philosophy.

It is very hard to motivate yourself to push through on a subject when it is really not doing anything for you.

I have come to the conclusion I just need to crack on, get whatever score I can ( it surely will be lower than my other modules) and just get through it, a pass is a pass and then I can move on to modules I will enjoy more.

When it comes to level 3 of my P.P.E pathway, I get to drop a subject and focuses on two of the three, I think it is fair to say I will going for the politics and economics elements in level 3.

When I finally get to the end of my degree pathway I can always ask if my classification can be changed to P. NLOP. E,


No Love Of Philosophy


Seems like a reasonable request to me...

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