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Michael Gumbrell

The christmas break.

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I wonder how many of my fellow students take the christmas break.

Personally i use the time to plow on with study and try to get as much study done as i can.

I find it really motivating to work through. By the time the planner restarts after christmas, i can get ahead and have the course 50% complete.

I am looking forward to being half way done with a222.

So do you work through the break?

Or do you have a rest?

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Emma Thomas

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Hi! I'm intending to use the Christmas break as a chance to catch up on the studying I haven't done in the evenings after work mixed

Michael Gumbrell

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Hi Emma,

Thank you for your comment. I agree, it is a good chance to catch up with any missed sections or anything you want to go over agsin.

It is so hard to study in the evenings after s full day at work!

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Hi Michael! I usually enjoy the Christmas breaks - having 3 young kids and chronic kidney pain, means that there I get very little "me time". However, this year, A222 is proving to be quite a struggle. I'm considering working through the majority of the break, like you, to get as far ahead as possible.