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Block 3

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So i have started block 3 'ethics'.

Not including the exam, get block 3 done and thats 50% of the course complete.

Half way through, i am looking forward to getting half way there.

50% of A222 out of the wsy  

Yes please.

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Me in a rare cheerful mood

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We were given a clue how to handle the material in A222 (probably at an online tutorial by a different tutor): "If you cannot detach your emotions from the material, don't even read the section on abortion, let alone attempt the question."

It's just material for making arguments, you don't have to agree with it, just use it.  The argument is all that matters, no matter how distasteful or uncomfortable you might find some of the things you need to write.

If you coped with intelligent design, you'll cope with choosing to squish the fat man to save the children.

Michael Gumbrell

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I am trying to remain emotionally detached from the materials Simon.

My down fall is over coming my strongest emotion to the material/module.

My strongest emotion towards it is...hate.

I am starting to hate this module.

Now i know Yoda is not a recognised philosopher in this module.

But in Yoda's words...

Fear leads to anger,

Anger leads to hate,

Hate leads to suffering,

That is the way of the dark side...

As far as a222 goes, i am half way down the path to the darkside...