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Just watching the BBC news.

Apparently 27 million people have been to A+E so far this year 

The UK has a population of 56 million.

So according to the figures, every other person in the UK has been to A+E so far this year.

That seems very unlikely.

They must be counting repeat visits.

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Not so surprising when you think how many of these are children and old people, alcoholics, drug users, sportsmen and women etc. - all have frequent accidents.

Michael Gumbrell

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Fair point Pauline. But half the population attending?

Seems a very high figure.

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People are also being advised to attend A&E rather than their GP !   Surgeries are under massive strain & it can be quite difficult to make an appointment on the 'phone sometimes - in the cities anyway.

Michael Gumbrell

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Hi Pauline.

I moved house 2 years ago, between differant areas, so i had to change G,P's.

My old practice had two triage sessions a day. One G.P would supervise four nurses in a triage system. So you could just turn up on the dsy, wait- usually 60-90 minutes, and be seen.

My new practice does not do triage. You can phone to try and get a same day appointment, however if they are full, they tell you to go to a walk in centre.

Triage systems do work well.

A+E is a premium service, my city has two walk in centres. But only 30% of the doctor surguries have a triage system. More options before going to A+E are preferable. Thats why i found the figure of 27 million stunning. A+E is a life saving department, but people go there with minor injuries. 

Its no wonder the NHS have funding shortages, if half the population are using their most high cost department every year.