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Star wars

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Edited by Michael Gumbrell, Saturday, 9 Dec 2017, 15:33

So i booked tickets for the new star wars movie next friday.

5 of us, 2 children, 2 students and the mrs as a full price adult.

52 pounds! And that was a standard 2D showing.

It would have been 65 quid for 3D and over 75 quid for Imax...

It would have been 90 quid for imax without the student discounts.

As they say on the dvd cases- 'priracy of this copywrite is a CRIME'

However highway robbery at the cinema box office appears not to be...

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Me in a rare cheerful mood

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I hope you smuggled in your own sweets.

Michael Gumbrell

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Yes Simon, we will smuggle in our own drinks and snacks. One of the benefits of going in the winter, we will all wear overcoats to the cinema, pockets stuffed with snacks..