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Snow day.

Visible to anyone in the world

I live in Hampshire, on the south coast of england.

So while the rest of the country is covered in snow, and social media is awash with pictures of snowmen, i am looking out the window at... some mild rain.

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Me in a rare cheerful mood

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Up here in the grim and desolate North, where life is hard and bleak, Morrison's delivered the shopping an hour or so ago and the neighbours got their Sainsbury's delivery.  They're tough folk up here and ice and snow are just more challenges to life's daily grind.

Meanwhile darn Sarf in Essex, my brother-in-law is complaining Tesco's couldn't get through.  We'd arrange a food parcel, if we thought it might be delivered.  Perhaps someone in the Midlands could arrange an air-lift of some Harribo and fake tan to get them through to the Spring.

However, as for mild rain, if it started raining mild up here, everything would quickly come to a halt!  I could just go a pint of Nutty Black, or put boots on and wander round t'Lancaster brewery for a Sunday dinner and a drop of Lancaster Red.
Michael Gumbrell

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Well Simon,

Down sarf, on the south coast, this mild rain is interupting our life..

I had my flip flops and shorts on and was all ready to get into the garden and tend to my palm trees. However the mild rain has made my wooden deck slightly slippy and so i have had to make other plans. It is 4pm now so at least i have 4 more hours of daylight left to get out there. At least this weather has not impacted my broadband connection. So i am able to get online and spend a couple of hours editing wikipedia, replacing the incorrect spellings of 'th' and replacing them wif 'F's. Just for a larf like.

My sympathies to your brother in law for living in Essex.

I went to Margate once, only once mind....

Being a Southerner the weafer has not yet impacted our Marks and Sparks home deliveries, yet.

Being 10 miles up the road, me and the mrs were thinking about going to Winchester and waiting for this weafer to just blow over....