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Star wars

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We went to see the new star wars film last night. The last jedi.

I thought it was pretty poor. Once the hype is over i wonder how much demand there will be for the ninth one.

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Considering how much money you spent on the tickets, this must be disappointing. I too thought it was poor - certainly not what I expected - but that's not to say I didn't enjoy parts of it. I felt it could've benefited from being 30 minutes shorter, and it should have addressed various plot points instead of... cutting them off.
Michael Gumbrell

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Hi Michael.

The rest of the family enjoyed it, so the money was not wasted.

Yes 2 and a half hours was very long.

It was not all bad. Some parts i thought were good.

And when the rebel cruiser is taken into hyperspace by laura dearns character, directly at the first orderĀ 

dreadnaught was literally breathtakingly. A heart stopping piece of cinema.

But on the other hand, luke milking the sea creature for blue milk was terrible.

But overall i thought it was very poor.