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Merry Christmas everyone

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I will be busy tomorrow.

So today is the day to wish you all a merry christmas and a peaceful new year.

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Me in a rare cheerful mood

A222 and Frankenstein

I have just finished reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.  I enjoyed it more than the last time I read it (some decades ago) in part because of A222 and my own reading around social history, justice and the philosophical subjects A222 covers.  Learning her parents were both philosophers and she had an education explains a lot about the novel.

I found myself continuously reflecting on the Christian creation myth, the different forms of utilitarianism, what is 'a good life'?, the nature v nurture argument, 'why are we here?', our responsibility or otherwise for our works, how much is society to blame for individual deeds, when is it acceptable to kill and a bunch of other stuff I have now forgotten.  I kept thinking of you as I read it because it covers so many things that are in A222 yet in a more relevant and digestible way.

But it's worth reading if only because there will never be anyone as goth as Mary Shelley.