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Philosophy open day.

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FASS have organised a philosophy open day in March.

I do fancy going, however it is on a Thursday and it is in Milton keynes.

So do i fancy driving two hours each way to attend, and do i fancy going during the working week?

Might be interesting, but it is a drag to get there.

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Me in a rare cheerful mood

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I have learned that the less I enjoy a subject and the less I understand it, the more I get out of talking to other students about it.  I have been fortunate in meeting people who understood my difficulties and were able to tell me how they had resolved it for themselves.

It seems to be a way of life: doing the things you least want to do are often the most rewarding.  Well, for me, anyway.  Perhaps my Dad was right when he frequently said "You don't know what's good, you don't!"  Although he was usually referring to my refusal to eat vegetables.

I'd go, if only so I could complain about the sprouts.