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Assessment 1 (Questionnaire Resource): Coursera (MoMA on Art and Educational Activities)

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Edited by Steve Bamlett, Saturday, 20 Jan 2018, 17:29

The questionnaire relates to the following painting from MoMA

Wyeth 'Christina's Home' MoMA

The Questionnaire

Answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper. You have 25 minutes in total (you may write in note form):

1.     Describe the central figure in the painting, so that someone else could visualise her as she is in the painting.

2.     How do you relate to her as you look at the painting? This might include feelings of closeness or distance, interactions between what you imagine of her feelings and thought with yours as you look at the painting.

3.     What are the basic forms that you see in the pictures? These could be shapes that you see in the picture. These shapes might be created by outlines or differences in the colour of different patches within the picture? Do you sense or imagine different textures in different parts of the painting? How do different forms or shapes relate together? Is there a pattern or different patterns? What effect do any of these things have?

4.     What does ‘home’ mean in this painting, which is called Christina’s Home? How is meaning and/or feeling about this word conveyed? Whose meaning of ‘home’ is it?

All the best


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SXR103 chemistry is fun (2008) :-)

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Just being pedantic...

The painting is actually called "Christina's World" which gives a very different context than does "Home".


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Thanks Jan.

How this error came about I can't tell. I had known the true title but somehow my reaction to the painting too over, In fact the issue isn't stark. 'World' is a very multivalent world - the idea of narrowness and enclosure as implicit in its usages as are expansiveness and openness. These are the issues I think in Christina's world - narrow or wide - constricted or open.

My error is a true example of how subjective thought or feeling can change what you see (what I saw anyway). The name change seems some sort of attempt to fixate the picture on my own ambivalences perhaps?

Thanks. Never apologise for pedantry. Pedants are needed.