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tma 3

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I do seem to be in a rut/grove for the a222 tma's.

tma 1 - 68%, tma 2-63% and I just got the score for tma3, which was 68%.

so nothing stellar, but I have ground it out so far.

Since I am hating the a222 course, I should be happy with my 65% OCAS so far.

I have started my exam revision much earlier this year, it might be needed to try and keep up my overall score.


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Me in a rare cheerful mood

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I got 40% in A222 TM01 which was a terrible shame.

I have gone back to look at it and the comments.  I had no idea what was expected and had repeatedly asked.  He refers to this in his comments about how it it showed that I did not know what was expected, but gave no advice.  It is negatively critical throughout, including the longest comments on an Assessment Summary sheet I've ever had by far, and all that said was that I had structured it wrongly, that I clearly did not understand what I was doing and that I must not refer to anything outside the material.

It was a shame that he gave me 40%, because if only he had given me less I might have ditched the A222 module there and then which would probably have been A Good Thing.  I could have done something else and I would have had more time to spend on DD210 which I was doing concurrently and enjoying.

I averaged 62% over the subsequent TMAs.  Hence I can only help with how to survive A222, not with how to make a success of it.

I see there is a FaceBook group - A222 - Exploring Philosophy - October 2017 intake - that may be useful to you.

Michael Gumbrell

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Hi Simon.

According to my tutor, i am not going to score any higher unless i change my grammar.

So this next tma i am going to stick to short sentences with clear statements.

I have already started the tma 4 to see if i can construct the essay differently  to the previous ones.

I was aware of the facebook group, i had joined but left again. Social media is not a place i would want to spend much time on.

Me in a rare cheerful mood

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Your grammar?  I had no idea they could deduct so much for use of English.  But then the marking schemes are a secret dark art anyway.  Although a few of us did wonder whether tutor TG picked a number from 0 to 9, added it to 60 and gave that as a mark since so many of us were getting 60-something for every TMA (except my first).

Michael Gumbrell

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Hi Simon,

I do know what my tutor means, my tma's are of a certain style, i do write in a certain style.

It worked well for my the modules, YO32, DD103, DD211, however i can see why it does not suit philosophy. If i wanted to get better scores in a222 i would have to change to short sentences with little descriptive writing.

So i do see his point, luckily i can display understanding and learning of each book, however i do not write tma's in the a=b therefore a=c and all the premise, sub cconclusion bollocks they seem keen on. 

He was very clear at the first tutorial about wanting a very short sentence, constructed style of writing, my comment to my cohort, Simon, at the time was 'my essay, my rules' so i know i will not score any higher unless i can change the structure and style of my essay writing.

however, before a222 i was a solid 82% ocas, so my structure and style has served me well up to this point, so i am sticking with my style and structure, i have 3 modules to do after a222, so i am thinking ahead to these. If that means i get stuck with 63-69% on a222, then so be it. After all the ocas on a222 is over born by my exam score anyway.

So i know i moan a bit (a lot) about a222, but it is only one module of six, five modules count towards my degree classification, so i am pragmatic about a222, even if i do moan about it too much.

Me in a rare cheerful mood

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The more you moan about it, the more vindicated and validated I feel!

Michael Gumbrell

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Thats good Simon, because i am sure i will continue to moan....


We should start an online support group.

Is that possible through the OU forum?