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Some freeze frames

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Edited by Richie Cuthbertson, Friday, 24 Dec 2021, 22:13

A few pics I took of some cool looking icicles in my yard, courtesy of the Beast from the east.

Some iciclesSome iciclesSome icicles

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Me in a rare cheerful mood

A teeny bit breezy

There were some very pretty icicles hanging off the cars in my road this morning.

I twice retrieved next door's wheelie bin from the road.  The first time I returned it lying flat, but it still blew away.  The second time I used ours to hold it in place.

I retrieved a panel from the house opposite which covers some sort of large vent.  I knocked on their door and returned it.  Thy were very confused.  "Hello, this is part of your house."  And I fetched the neighbour's recycling bin lid from that house's lawn while I was there.

When the neighbour's wheelie bin blew away the third time it took ours with it (I has used ours as a way to block it in).  I have now turned them flat against the wall and used the rubbish bins to hold them in place.

But this is nothing.

When we had some wind the other week it took some fences down.  (We live near the top of a hill.)  This afternoon I saw a neighbour's shed on its side in the road.  The entire shed, intact, blown out of the garden, through the gap where their fence was two weeks ago and into the road.  Fancy coming home to that!

The magpies, blackbirds and starlings are still active though.  I've been watching them (when I should have been studying.)  I haven't seen any little birds at all.

The vent cover in the kitchen has being banging all day and the extractor fans in the various loos and bathrooms keep going whiiizzzzzzzz! when the wind changes direction.

And it is very, very cold.


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Aye, been keeping the birds in our garden topped up with food, bless 'em, they're amazing.


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Hi Richard, I see you uploaded photos, I've been trying to do the same but it keeps saying the file is too big, help??  I tried this one other time but it wouldn't let me paste it on either so I had to add it as an attachment but it won't even let me do that now either.


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Hi Aideen, there's a 500KB limit on file size, so I used some software called paint.net to change the size of my photos, so they were under 500KB and it worked then.