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Edited by Aideen Devine, Wednesday, 18 Aug 2021, 20:54

Just sitting watching the news (if it could be called news) on the topic of chemical weapons and Syria, one question comes to mind.  If you bomb a facility which makes and 'stores' chemical weapons as claimed by the West, then surely you will be releasing more toxic chemicals into the surrounding area?

There is so much propaganda and lies, you wouldn't know who or what to believe.  I still go back to Radio 4, (about 3/4 years ago, I think) when an army general announced we would be going to war with Russia within 3 years.  John Humphreys was taken aback, to say the least and basically said, 'you must be insane', or words to that effect.  The general then went on to explain that they had these new nuclear weapons which they wanted to try out.  If that is where we are headed then, I take comfort in the fact that 2 other empires perished on the Russian frontier, France under Napoleon and the Third Reich under Hitler.  So, go for it, they sooner it happens, the sooner it will all be over, and then we might finally get some peace!  Come to think about it, Germany is being very quiet on this, I haven't heard a word from Merkel?

Talking about peace, why can we not just have peace?  Why is Russia our enemy?  Who decided that?  The mentality of those in charge really needs to be looked at.  In the US, they are all paranoid, living with a mind-set that is 60 years out of date and what is all the secrecy about?  Why do we not just share our knowledge and try to find ways to improve the lot of everybody?  Why can't the US and the UK just mind their own business?  If the people of Syria want rid of Assad, then it's up to them to sort that out.  If the West is so concerned with the well being of down-trodden others, will they be bombing Saudi Arabia now over their treatment of the people of Yemen?  Of course, they won't, the hypocrisy is sickening!   Why can't the US and the UK just stay in their own country and take care of their own people! 

But at the end of the day, the buck stops with us too and we have to carry some of the blame for sitting back and shutting our minds to it all, for letting others do our thinking and for not questioning more.  Going out to vote and voting for people who basically don't give a crap about any of us, which is worse here because all they do is vote for their tribe regardless of how competent these people are. 

The media is complicit too, we don't have journalists any more, with the exception of Jon Pilger, all we have are reporters, who merely report what they have been told to say.  Thank God for the internet, at least there, you can find out more and are able to access other opinions.

I watched another good documentary online recently, All Wars are Bankers Wars, (because you'll never get this on Sky or the BBC) worth a look if you have 45 mins to spare.  But when all is said and done, I know the answer to all those questions, and as Tom Cruise says in Vanilla Sky, "What is the answer to 99out of 100 questions? Money."

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Most modern chemical weapons are binary & only become extremely toxic when mixed so they can be stored, transported or blown up with relative safety.

Russia is our enemy because Putin needs a bogeyman abroad to justify his strong-arm tactics at home.  To similar effect, Boris Johnson invented the prospect of 60 million Turks joining the EU in order to spread paranoia in the referendum run-up.  Don't forget Putin is a gangster & no friend of international law even before recent events (annexing Crimea, civilian airliner shot down, political assassinations long before the UK nerve gas attack).


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I can't really comment on the chemical weapons because I'm not a  scientist but I've been reading Robert Fisk's report this morning and I seriously doubt the whole 'gas' scenario even happened.  More propaganda.

Whether you like it or not, Putin is popular at home in Russia. I've watched many interviews with him and he appears intelligent and in command and the Russian people credit him with bringing order back to their country and restoring national pride.  Questions on his tactics, in what he would say is protecting the interests of the Russian state, (oil, gas) are certainly not as bad as ours. He annexed Crimea because the US was gathering its forces on the border in Ukraine, and Crimea also has a large Russian population. As to why he is our enemy, I don't recall Putin ever making any threats to the West or trying to dictate to us how we should live.  All the sabre-rattling has been done by the US with the complicity of the UK and the EU.

To continually to cite the pronouncements of Boris Johnson as  the reason most people voted to leave the EU is to insult a lot of people. I voted leave and it had nothing to do with Boris Johnson and if you want to know why, then read my blog post on it.

You call Putin a gangster, what about Blair, Bush, Obama, Churchill and Thatcher, to name but a few, and what about the actions of the US and the UK over the years, the atrocities committed by Britain as it trampled over indigenous people across the world in pursuit of its Empire?  Or the actions of the US in Chile, the Marshall Islands, Grenada, El Salvador, Vietnam etc. etc?

The West is hardly up there on the moral high ground and who decided we were in charge of the world with the right to invade and dictate to others as to how they should live and act.

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As i've been studying Stalin, i thought he might be relevant to understanding the reason as to why the US has issues with Russia. It goes back to Josef Stalin's time when Russia acquired Superpower status after defeating Nazi Germany. Thereafter Western Europe and North America began their propaganda against the Soviet Union heavily using the media to portray negative images of Stalin and the Soviet union as a communist society as a whole.

Its really a by-product of envy or jelousy in this case. I do agree with you regarding minding ones own business but nowadays its all about world-domination and a lot of propaganda to accompany their sick agenda's. It really is sad that man invests so much time and resources into finding ways of harming another man. 

Hope that helps.