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Good form, bad form!

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Edited by Aideen Devine, Wednesday, 18 Aug 2021, 20:56

Another day, another load of job applications, why can we not just have one application form for all?  A standard form with qualifications, work experience and personal details? The Health Service here has a website where you just fill in your details and it is stored so it can be sent with every application instead of having to fill out the same form over and over again.  I suggested this to one of our local colleges, as I have filled out the same 12 page application form many times, and been rejected many times too, because there is nothing as depressing as spending hours filling in these bloody forms (one I filled in had 17 pages) and what do you get back in return, a 2 line email saying thanks but no thanks!

I do have a few interviews lined up next week so hopefully something might turn up soon.

I had a few nights out last week, I went to see the renowned flamenco guitarist, Eduardo Nieblo in the Balor Theatre, a great night was had by all!  He is touring at the moment and is in Chichester in June and Colchester in July, definitely worth checking out.  I had to fill in a(nother) form for a draw to win a signed copy of one of his CD's and I got an email yesterday to say I had won!  That's my second win this week, I had Bless the Wings each way in the National on Saturday too.  I only went for it because I had turned over the telly on Friday night and caught the end of the last episode of The Handmaid's Tale on RTE, where Aunt Lydia was telling the girls to take off their wings before the stoning of Janine.  They say things come in 3's, must do the lotto too!

I was in the Balor again the night after Eduardo for a Tedx Talk on the subject of Borders.  Not just geographical borders but the physical, emotional and psychological borders we may have.  There was a great variety of speakers, covering subjects from Where do Humpback whales in Ireland come from by Simon Berrow, to Achieving Goals without Gender Roles by Katie McGloin, but the best on the night for me was comedian Paddy Cullivan who wants to do a Donald Trump in Donegal and build a wall!  I'm not sure if it's up on the Ted site yet but keep a eye out for it, it's definitely worth a look.

Ah well, back to the application forms!  

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