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The warm and sunny weather, I thought we were getting today, hasn't arrived here yet.  So, all my gardening plans are on hold; it's still quite cold and windy out and doing its best to rain at the moment and I'm sitting here watching some daytime TV.  I can only conclude that daytime telly has been designed by the government for two purposes: to either drive you out to look for work or, if you can't get work, is that watching it will slowly rot your brain whereby you lose the will to live and are driven to suicide, thus reducing the unemployment statistics, making it a win-win for them!

My seedlings have taken a hammering from the weather and I'm going to have to invest in a greenhouse next year.  I was visiting a friend yesterday and even with a greenhouse, nothing much is happening for her, it's not just heat we need but sunshine as well.  I had the dog out for a couple of walks around the river last week and I could see in the space of 2 days how everything was starting to spring into life, trees and shrubs budding with hints of green and yellow ochre.  

Along the old railway line, a tree has come down from the weight of ivy on it and there are several others which will probably go the same way.  I like ivy and have a few planted but my sister doesn't like them, for this reason.  At Christmas, I made a garland with holly and ivy and maybe that is what we should all do because everything is covered with it.  If we all went back to using real ivy in our decorations, it might help save a few trees and it would certainly be a healthier option than plastic or tinsel.

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