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Edited by Richie Cuthbertson, Friday, 24 Dec 2021, 22:08

Feels like some of the jackdaws see me now as part of their tribe. They'll come and hang out with me when I sit outside. Not for food, just cause they want to, which makes me feel honoured. Hope the neighbours don't mind. I also seem to have made friends with a flock of pigeons. Their eyes are so gentle, and their feathers look beautiful when the sun catches them, the colours on their chests remind me a bit of peacocks. There's also some very tame blackbird chicks about, one follows me around, I worry a bit though cause it's a little too tame and needs to understand cats aren't friendly to birds.

Not sure what the neighbours think about all these birds, hope they don't mind. I'm bracing myself for possible complaints by some who see them as vermin, cause there are quite a lot of them now. I don't think I fit into what is considered normal human society, I much prefer the natural world to the artificial world. 

One day if I prosper in computing. I will buy some land that has been killed by agriculture/industry and heal it, I'll re-nourish the soil, plant trees, and plenty of plants that will attract insects, make it a place where there's plenty of natural food for wild animals. A place were wild life can come and live, thrive and be safe from the human world, I'll live in peace with them as equals, and not worry about what any human neighbours think, cause I won't have any (;

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